Travel Review: Lisbonaire Apartments (Lisbon, Portugal)

Lisbonaire Apartments.  We loved this place and would recommend to anyone who is planning to visit Lisbon.  The prices ranged from 125-149 euros per night during the Easter weekend, one of the biggest tourist weekends of the year.  I believe that their prices are usually even more reasonable than that.  The location was perfect – 2 minute walk from the metro station, Restaudoroes, on the way in from the airport.  One of Lisbon’s picturesque funiculars is located 1 minute walk from the Front Door and takes you up to the Mirodouro (Viewpoint) district with great restaurants.  It is also a few minutes walk from the train station that takes you out to the Sintra Park with the amazing Pena Palace, Monseratte Palace, Quinta da Regaleiro with the Initiation Wells and incredibly beautiful gardens particularly around Easter time. You can walk down the big pedestrian street and to the main square on the river in about 15+ minutes.  So, nothing is far away.

There is no restaurant or breakfast at the Lisbonaire but you can stock the fridge or, if you want, you can go to any number of nearby places for breakfast – and, of course, for lunch/dinner.  The local cafe is 2 minutes walk and has omelettes and pastries and coffee.  Or you can sit outdoors at the Mirodouro outdoor cafe – about 5 minutes walk uphill – and take in the view.

The concept of the apartments is that a group of Portuguese architects joined together to renovate a mid 20th-century building into 19 one-bedroom and studio apartments.  Our studio apartment was large with a dining table, a lounge chair and a full kitchen.  Everything in the building is by code – entrance door, room door, storage room door, safe, etc.  So, no keys to carry!  The building has a roof deck with a great view if you want to hang out there.  The basement – about 2,000 square feet – is set up as a lounge with couches, pool table, kids play area, library and small gym.  The drinks in the refrigerator are available to take – with a box to leave money per the honor system.

They are listed on most of the major travel sites, including Travelocity where I reserved but going to their website is probably the easiest way to reserve.

Going back to DC? Handyman recommendation “Affinity Painting”

Quality Painting & Handyman – DC Area: If you are looking for a trustworthy, capable, and effective painter and handyman team that can fix anything, look no further than Ed Green III and his dad. This father-son team is not only really good at what they do, but they also “get” the transient expat, diplomatic life-style, having both served in the military. Their company is called Affinity Painting, but don’t let the name fool you. They do everything. And they do it well. But most off all, they ensure peace of mind. In their hands, your property will be well taken care of. If you bring a copy of this ad with you, Ed says the first job he does with you will be 10% off. You can’t beat that! Affinity Painting,, 703-350-1954.


Outstanding Menuisier: Judore Diatta

We enthusiastically recommend Judore Diatta for all kinds of handiwork in your home.  He worked for 17 years in Belgium and he is precise, tidy, punctual, and responsible.  He can hang anything on the wall (including mounting a TV or heavy mirror), assemble toys or shelves, or build simple furniture. Speaks French, Wolof, and Jolla.  Available all day Monday, Sunday morning, and all evenings.

Recommended by: Pamela Martin and Laszlo Palocz

Contact info: Judore 77 223 9016

Recommendation: Maam Samba

In wandering around Ngor, we ran across a little jewel of a store not far from the Ngor circle that many people don’t seem to know about. It’s called Maam Samba, and it has stuff of better quality than you find in other places, as well as a little coffee shop out back.  The attractive, well-organized store carries clothes, household textiles, jewelry, and gift items made by the villagers of Ndem.  All the items are well made, the colors are good, and the design and structure of the clothes is more Western than often found locally.  The Maam Samba project was funded by a consortium of European donors and all items meet fair trade requirements.  To find the store, go north on the Route de Ngor.  There is a small red sign for Maam Samba about one block from the Ngor rond-pointe; turn right and Maam Samba will be one block in on your right.  The phone number is 77-191-50-1217.

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