1.   The State Department has developed and posted online the updated Pregnancy Guide for employees or Eligible Family Members who are assigned abroad and considering whether to deliver their baby in the United States or overseas.  The comprehensive Guide provides information to aid you before, during, and after your medical evacuation (medevac).  It covers: payment for medical expenses; types of leave, as well as leave-saving options before and after the birth of your baby; obtaining a diplomatic passport and visa for your child; allowances and per diem; and other topics related to an obstetrical medevac.
  2. This Guide will assist you in making the best decisions for you and your family. While the Office of Medical Services (MED) strongly encourages all pregnant women to deliver in the United States, where standards of care are monitored and enforced, other choices are available. We hope the explanation of the regulations and policies related to medevac from overseas to the United States or an overseas location for childbirth is useful as you prepare for your upcoming family addition.
  3. The Bureau of Human Resources urges Management Officers and Human Resource Officers (HROs) to ensure employees are aware of the updated Pregnancy Guide.  It is available on the intranet at http://www.state.gov/m/dghr/flo/c25862.htm.