Soda was found trying to cross the Corniche all by himself. He is 5-6weeks old, eats solid food and uses the litter box. He has been dewormed and treated for fleas. He is friendly and playful, good with other cats, and loves a cuddle when he is tired.
To meet him, please call Megan on 784405962

Updated Pet Shipping Info for leaving Dakar with pets


Shipping pets is a traveler responsibility, but the information below should help you understand your options for shipping your pets out of Dakar.  Please note that these options are current as of June, 2017. Check directly with the airlines and the cargo companies, as things seem to change frequently in this arena. Please also remember to inform Travel of your pet plans and have the information in your reservation.

No matter what method you use to travel with your pet out of Dakar, you must have the proper paperwork. The following items are required if traveling to the states with your pet. If you are moving to EU countries, there may be different requirements, so please do your research. Your pet must have –

  1. Proof of microchip;
  2. Proof of rabies vaccination within the past year;
  3. Valid Health Certificate issued within a week before travel;
  4. Pet Passport record book of immunizations and health issues.

You usually have three options to travel with your pet, based on its size and what is allowed by the different airlines.  Currently, you actually have two

  • Cabin Carry

If your pet is small (see airline websites for exact weight and carry size restrictions, but usually less than 17 lbs, including crate), you can carry it in the cabin. It should be booked as a cabin carry pet when you reserve your ticket. Cost is approximately $125, dependent upon pet and airline.

  • Travel as Excess Baggage:

Your pet should be booked as accompanied excess baggage with your ticket. Information about the pet should be added to the traveler booking file (kennel dimensions, weight of the pet, etc) and once confirmed by the airline, the pet should be checked along with traveler’s bags. Cost is approximately $200, but will depend on size of dog and crate. (Dog plus crate must weigh less than 165 pounds. Max crate size 45x24x28 cm). This option is NOT advised if you are changing carriers (Air France/Delta) in Paris.

  • Travel as Cargo

For your pet to travel as cargo, you will need all of the necessary medical documentation listed above, and also the dimensions of the kennel and the weight of the pet. Based on this info the cargo carrier company will give a quotation with the cost (Approximately $1,200) and create an airbill. Owners are required to put enough food and water to feed their pets at transit points. There are different cargo companies and contacts (listed below) for each airline, and each company has its own procedures and requirements. Most companies will require you to come to their office 2-3 weeks prior to your flight with your pet and crate for payment and airbill.

Air France

All forms of pet carry are available on Air France: in-cabin, excess baggage and Cargo pets. The excess baggage option is VERY difficult however, if you are changing to another carrier in Paris.

For general pet travel info 800-237-2747

If you are sending your pet Cargo, the Contact is

Mr Lamine Diallo (Tel: 33 869 38 80/Cell: 77 537 26 01)


Brussels Air

Brussels Air allows in-cabin (pets less than 8 kg) and Cargo pets only. No pets as excess baggage.

For general pet travel info call US number 866-308-2230

For Cargo Contact:  Mme Manga (Tel: 77 450 31 77)


Delta Airlines

General Delta pet travel contact – Sidoine Rodrigues (

Please read through link below, before contacting.

Delta does not allow in-cabin carry from Dakar.

No excess baggage travel May 15-Sept 15. Cargo is allowed on the Wednesday and Sunday flight during this period, as long as temps are never forecasted above 84F.

Contact Mme Yacine Ndiaye for Delta cargo instructions

(70 605 44 63 /


Cargo services only

Contact at Lufthansa: Mr Aliou Niang (tel: 33 820 10 10) or

Requires a Shipping Certificate. Pets are taken to an Animal Lounge.


South African Airlines

Only Cargo shipping available on SAA. You must contact Anicet Boissy at 775082003 or to coordinate Cargo shipping AT LEAST 2 weeks before departure to coordinate Air Bill, payment etc. Will need weight of animal plus crate, crate size and dimensions.

TAP, and Iberia – Currently not allowing any pet shipping.