Things to do/Other services: Tour Guide for Djoudj

A recommendation from the community for a good guide to Djoudj National Bird Park:


Other Services/Things to do: French language learning possibilities

Catherine Cherrier Daffé is a French tutor who comes highly recommended. She tailors her sessions to your needs and her classes are normally 90 minutes 1-2/week. You can contact her at or 77-608-3163.


Montpelier Business School Dakar, L’ Athenee – Route du Meridien – Les Almadies
Tel: 00 221 33 868 31 17
Mob: 00 221 77 862 22 90
Mobile: 00 221 77 629 64 44
This is a business school close to the Embassy that offers French classes.


French Cultural Institute, 3 Rue Parchappe, Plateau
Phone: +221 33 823 03 20
The French Institute offers intensive French classes that many have recommended to us. They are normally from 9-12 Monday – Friday for 3 weeks. Or evening courses 3 days a week. You can take a placement test if you have prior French training.

For kids: Private Tutor Available – Alex Yang

Private Tutor Available

Alex Yang recently moved to Dakar two months ago and she is eager to continue her teaching profession by providing private tutoring to your child(ren) grades K – 6.

She holds a Masters degree in Elementary Education and has 5 years of teaching experience as a certified teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools in Northern Virginia.

She has taught all content areas for grades 1, 5 , and 6 in general education classrooms consisting of students with special needs and with students with English as a second language (ESL).

If you are interested, she is eager to meet and discuss the areas of academic growth and strengths of your child(ren) and how she will provide remediation and/or enrichment support in any/all subject areas.

For more information, please contact her at

New Barber: Mister Cuts


This barber is amazing and conveniently  located on the same street as Tamaro building facing the street of the presidents’ palace. The place is clean with the barber using new razors for all clients. This shop also caters to women with manicures and pedicures at extremely low rates. I have added photos for people to view for themselves the skills of this shop. Visit the Facebook page for more information and photos!

Mister Cuts

Mamal Mamadou Bah

8, Rue Julles Ferry Dakar

Tel: 33-822-01-97

Facebook: Malalba