Domestic help: Domestic Staff(Cooks/Housekeepers/Nannies)

Domestic Staff:  Cooks/Housekeepers/Nannie

Florence Bassene

If you are looking for an meticulous housekeeper and excellent cook, then look no further!  Florence Bassene worked for us from 2014-2015 and was the best housekeeper and cook we’ve had in our 10 years in the Foreign Service.  She cleans until it shines and is an amazing cook.  She has worked for American families for the past 10 years, so she knows how to work with facilities and others who come to the house.  To top it off, she is also incredibly kind and can be completely trusted!  Florence is available to work full-time, Monday-Friday, starting the end of July.  Salary- 185.000.  Feel free to contact me for additional information and her contact number:   


Domestic Help: Nanny (Suzanne Thiakane)

Suzanne started working with us as a nanny on May 2016, when our first baby was born. Imagine how important it was for us to find someone responsible and trustworthy. Some friends recommended Suzanne to us, as she has been working for more than a decade with Toubabs, taking care of newborns and toddlers. I can’t be more grateful to Suzanne. When after 4 months I began to work again, I felt I was leaving my baby in good hands. She is always punctual, she is affectionate and detail oriented, she is straightforward and sincere, and my baby loves her. She can also do the housework, ironing, etc. but she is not very good at cooking… She speaks very good French and wolof. She works for us from Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 18h30. She does not stay overnight. She will be available from July 20th. You can directly call her at 77 2250249; or contact me by email at mcmuker(at)


Laura Munoz, 77 2697827 mcmuker(at)

Housekeeper/Nanny: Viviane Nges

Ms. Viviane Nges has worked for our family from 2013 to 2017 as a nanny and housekeeper. Her responsibilities have included child care, cooking, errands, shopping and cleaning.  She has proven to be punctual, reliable and versatile in terms of doing a variety of tasks. She has been willing to accommodate our schedules and has been quite flexible as needed.  Viviane has been pleasant and can be counted on to complete her work thoroughly and quickly. She enjoys cooking and is eager to learn and try new recipes. She is a quick learner and takes pride in her achievements when she tries a new recipe. Some of the dishes she prepares includes quiches, lasagna, salads, roasts, as well as selected American, African, and European foods. She can speak and read English and she can manage speaking basic French.  Viviane will be available as early as July 2017 (or August  2017). She can be reached directly at (221)77 37 33 466 while in Senegal or via email at:

Housekeeper/Nanny: Marie Anne Diatta

Marie Anne Diatta worked as our housekeeper for over three years. She is a self-starter who requires little guidance and has impressive work ethics. On a daily basis, she thoroughly cleaned the entire apartment, did laundry, ironed, sanitized raw fruits and vegetables, and picked up the kids from school. She is also available to babysit at night. She learned to prepare quiches, roasted vegetables, and quick meals for the kids. She makes a great poulet yassa. She recently completed the domestic training provided by the Embassy.  She speaks French and Wolof, and some English (although we have always communicated in French). Marianne Tel: 77-715-1156 or contact me if you have questions:

Housekeeper/Nanny: Gloria Badiane

Gloria is one of the best things that ever happened to our family.  We LOVE her!  She is extremely hard-working (sometimes we have to tell her to stop cleaning and go home), calm, friendly and 100% trustworthy.  She started working for us in February 2016 when our second son was still small, I was pregnant and everyone was exhausted.  She came in, and with very little direction, she whipped the whole house into shape.  She knew how to do everything and took the initiative to organize her time to regularly clean every inch of the house, keep the kitchen organized, and do laundry and ironing.  How amazing to come home every day to a spotless house!  This is what we hired her to do, and she does it very very well.  She is also friendly, humble, open-minded and took all specific direction from us without complaint and always followed through.  She also has good judgement and knows when to come to us for “approval” before doing something a bit out of the norm.  An absolutely sweet and loving person, the bonus with Gloria is that she’s wonderful with kids and my children fell in love with her.  She now shares her time with us between housekeeping duties and caring for our baby, 2-year old and 5-year old.  She plays with them, read books, takes them out for walks and play dates – and she can handle tantrums and moody post-nap toddlers with endless amounts of patience.  She has particularly helped with the new baby since he was 6 weeks old.  She knows how to take care of breastmilk, sterilize bottles, etc.  She tracks feedings and changes, and has helped perfectly with the introduction of solids.  She is so loving and motherly with the kids, we have no hesitation leaving them in her hands.  She is always on time and has often come on a weekend day to lend an extra hand.  We are extremely satisfied with her work and have never had a single issue.  Gloria speaks fluent French and local languages.  She knows just a few words of English.  Before working for us, she worked for a Canadian couple as a femme de menage for 20 years.  Lots of experience.  We feel extremely lucky to have found her.  We are leaving post in June and hope she finds a spot in another family where she feels as appreciated and brings as much joy as she has to our home. Feel free to contact Gloria directly at 77-561-6879.  You can also contact me with questions at