Housekeeper Available

Domestic Help: Nanny/ Housekeeper- Fatime Ndiaye

Fatime Ndiaye has been an essential asset to our household for about nearly 12 months that she has worked for us in Dakar.  She has proven herself to be the most dependable employee and trustworthy.

She has worked with American families for over 10 years and comes very highly recommended, not only by me, but her previous employees also.  She can provide letters of recommendation that were previously prepared for her.  You can direct her to do things around your house and she will often take the initiative to complete other tasks, as she sees need attention.  Her childcare skills are impeccable, her ironing skills are excellent, good job cleaning, and she can cook, although this not part of the tasks I asked of her. She has shown up on time everyday and has only taken one sick day in total that she’s been with me.

Fatime will be available when we depart Dakar mid June. You are welcome to contact her now, so that she will not have a long lapse in employment.  She speaks fluent French and Wolof. She also speaks and understands basic English which is how I communicate with her. She can be reached at mobile #: +221.70.866.1656 or +221-77-457-7673

She had a security background check conducted summer 2017 and has had the MED Unit basic training session offered by the U.S.Embassy Dakar. She will be available starting June 2019

If you have any questions, contact

Nanny Available

Nanny/Housekeeper Available

I’d like to highly recommend our nanny Clara Mendy. She has worked for us during the last 3 years. She is very experienced with children and she has taken very good care of our child who was 2 years old when she started.

Clara is a very responsible person. She has shown a high level of autonomy so she can work independently with little supervision. At the same time she has also been careful to follow all instructions given.

Her main responsibility with us was to take care of our child and to iron clothes. However, with other families, she has also performed other domestic tasks such as cleaning and cooking.

She has worked previously with other expatriate families for around 10 years. She is used to the expatriates’ life style and to their expectations.

Clara Mendy: +221 77 716 52 62 (phone number/WhatsApp).

I’m available for any further information. Helena Huerga: +221 77 349 61 28 (WhatsApp) or (email) or +32 493 83 78 95 (phone)


J’aimerais recommander chaleureusement notre nounou, Clara Mendy. Elle a travaillé avec nous pendant ces 3 dernières années. Attentionnée mais également très expérimentée avec les enfants, Clara a vraiment pris soin de notre enfant qui était âgé de 2 ans quand elle a commencé.

Clara est une personne très responsable. Elle est autonome dans son travail et peut travailler avec indépendance et peu de supervision. Elle a cependant démontré une attention à bien suivre toutes les instructions données.

Sa responsabilité principale avec nous était de garder et faire des activités avec notre enfant ainsi que de faire du repassage. Cependant, avec d’autres familles elle a aussi accompli d’autres activités ménagères telles que nettoyage et cuisine.

Elle a travaillé précédemment avec d’autres familles d’expatriées pendant 10 ans. Elle a donc l’habitude du style de vie des familles expatriées et de leurs attentes.

Clara Mendy: +221 77 716 52 62 (téléphone/WhatsApp).

Je suis disponible pour toute autre informations nécessaire. Helena Huerga: +221 77 349 61 28 (WhatsApp) ou (email) ou +32 493 83 78 95 (téléphone)

Highly recommended Nanny available now!

Marie Manga worked for our family as a nanny from May 2017 to May 2018. To say that we fell in love with her, is a huge understatement. One year after our departure from Dakar, my now two-year-old daughter still asks for and talks about Marie.
Moving to Dakar as a new mom was daunting. Entrusting a stranger with my four-month-old daughter felt terrifying. Marie immediately made us feel at ease. She is loving, patient,trustworthy, dependable, kind, and hard working. Marie has an innate ability to connect with children. Looking back, I still revel at how fortunate we were to have her in our lives. My only wish is that she could have continued on with us to our next post.
Marie has worked within the US Embassy and expat community for over twenty years. While she is happy to adapt to your specific needs and style, she has developed a strong understanding of the expectations that come from working for families in the Embassy community. Marie speaks English, Wolof and French.
Please feel free to contact us at or if you have any further questions regarding our experience with Marie. You and your family will be lucky to have her!
Elaine Burke

Nanny/ cook/housekeeper available

Our sitter, Vivian, has been taking care of our three kids for more than two years. I found her on the DakarCLO website – she has worked for many embassy families in the past. Vivian is Cameroonian and speaks English and French. She is reliable and absolutely unflappable even with our three active kids. She takes them to playdates and activities across town, makes friends with other nannies and has never missed a single day of work. She also has never once turned down the chance for extra hours, and has spent the night when we both were out of town to care for the kids. She has letters of recommendation from past families and is certified in domestic training by the US Embassy. Vivian can follow recipes to a T – she also makes vegetarian food – and regularly looks through American cookbooks for recipes to make on her own. We send her to the market for ingredients. She makes payments for us for tutors and groceries and we trust her with any amount of money. She has been a housekeeper/nanny in the past (our office is in our home so we have a separate housekeeper employed by my workplace – I’m the New York Times reporter in Dakar). Besides being rock solid as a nanny, she is a genuinely lovely person – I have yet to see her in a bad mood. Other parents in our neighborhood Fenetre Mermoz and beyond can attest to her character. She can be reached on whatsapp or mobile at +221 77 373 34 66 and I can provide a reference at or whatsapp +221 77 569 4444.


Housekeeper/Nanny available mid-May

Ms. Faye is an excellent housekeeper, nanny and maid. She shops for groceries, cooks and cleans. She is efficient, dependable, trustworthy, self-motivated and hard-working. I highly recommend Ms. Faye to maintain your residence.

Ms. Faye will be available beginning mid-May of 2019. Please contact Ms. Faye at 76 520 52 06.

If you need additional information, please contact me (Barbara) via phone at 76 602 40 01 or by email at


Housekeeper/Nanny available late May/early June

Ms. Issane has been working for our family for the past 3 yrs. She has become an essential part of our family. Her many years of experience of working with several foreign families, including the US embassy, has contributed to her excellent range of skills. These skills include housekeeping/cleaning, laundry, childcare, cooking, running errands, and shopping. Ms. Issane is an efficient, trustworthy and hard-working individual who is self-motivated and takes the initiative when something needs done. She is proficient in Wolof, English, and French which has been helpful when communicating with workers and visitors to our home.

I highly recommend Ms. Issane. Ms. Issane will be available beginning late May/June of 2019.

Please contact Ms. Issane at 77 402 51 61. If you need additional information, please contact me (Barbara) via phone at 76 602 40 01 or by email at