Domestic Help: Housekeeper/nanny – Fatou

If you need help at home, I strongly recommend Fatou, who has been our housekeeper/nanny for the past 1,5 year. Fatou will be available to start asap.

She’s a joyful, honest, reliable and trustful young woman. She was in charge of the house (always clean) including laundry and ironing, to pick up the children (3 and 4) at school, to take care of them during afternoons, to prepare healthy snacks and to do the cooking.

She took good care of the kids, loved to play with them. She has always been available to stay overnight (even on short notice) to babysit.

She’s a fast learner and always curious to discover new recipes. After a few weeks and knowing what our tastes are, she has surprised us several times with recipes from cooking books that we provided. She follows the steps to the letter.

Fatou speaks fluent French and wolof. She has few basics in English (was working for an American family before we hired her).

For more information, you can contact us ( or reach her directly at +


Domestic Help: Nanny – Ellie

If you are looking for a great nanny to begin working June 1st, Ellie would be a wonderful choice for your children and family. Ellie has worked for embassy families for many years, and she speaks French, Wolof and some English.  She has looked after my now 2 year old daughter for the past year. Ellie took my daughter to crèche and picked her up. She also organized playdates in the afternoon for her and watched her if my husband and I went out in the evening.  Her main job was to watch my daughter while I worked, but she also assisted around the house. While my daughter was at crèche, she cleaned, cooked and looked after the animals. She was always open to cook new recipes and help me with errands. Ellie is extremely hard-working in the home and always knew what needed to get done in the house. Many neighbors and friends always commented how pleasant and sweet Ellie was with my daughter and other children. Ellie is exceptionally patient, caring and amazing with children. She made our short tour in Dakar lovely, because I knew I could always count on Ms. Ellie and trust her with my daughter, animals and house.  Please email me at if you are interested in speaking to Ms. Ellie.

Domestic Help: Housekeeper – Fanta Mane

Fanta Mane has worked for American households for the last 9 years. She can clean, dust, vacuum, launder, iron, babysit, wash dishes, wash and prepare fruits and vegetables. She speaks English, French and Wolof. She has also handled maintenance and repair crews as they work around the house and ensures they do the work according to the instructions. She can prepare some American meals (such as pasta salad, chili, tomato sauce and fruit salad) and Senegalese food. She has worked for 3 different American families, first as a nanny then as a housekeeper. She can provide additional references and has always been honest and trustworthy. Call her directly at 77-201-8451. For a reference call Erick Koob at 77-569-3868.

Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Nanny – Marie

I would like to highly recommend Marie Diatta as a nanny and housekeeper.  She worked for us a couple of tours ago when we were in Dakar, and is still beloved by my three children.  She even went with us to the States for 6 months while my husband and I were in language training, so she has exposure to American culture and understands some English.  Since we departed, she has been working for another family (I believe with a UN organization) but would happily work for an embassy family again.  She knows many of the facilities workers and knows how to handle all manner of GSO issues at your residence.  She is a happy and helpful employee anyone would feel comfortable with in their home.  Feel free to contact me for further information (, or contact Marie directly at +221774717449, or she can be reached by email at

Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Nanny (part-time) – Gloria

Gloria is a wonderful nanny and great housekeeper.  She has worked for U.S. embassy families for several years.  She works hard and is extremely kind.  She is interested in additional work and available for part-time employment in afternoons.

If you’d like to hear more about Gloria and are interested in her working for you, please contact me at and I’d be happy to answer questions and put you in touch.

Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Nanny – Amy

I would like to recommend Amy Gning to any family who is looking for a helper at home.

I have known Amy for 20 years now. She was our helper before my family left Senegal and we have kept in touch since . Now that I am back in Senegal and working at the Embassy , her little sister has become my helper at home .

Amy is first of all very intelligent. She takes initiative and takes care of the home as her own. She presents herself very well. She is clean , cooks well and keeps the house tidy. She has 2 children ( teens) of her own and is great with children . She is patient and really fun to be around . I still have many fond memories of us doing random things together when I was younger .

She is trustworthy as she has worked over the years for many officials without any issues . She is respectful of authority and is proud of a job well done .

I highly recommend her to your family . Amy will not only be your helper in the house but you will come to see her as a part of your family .

For more information or to contact Amy, email me at

Domestic Help: Nanny – Therese

Looking for a wonderful full-time nanny who is also a great cook? Therese will be available starting in January due to our departure. She is honest and hardworking. She has a kind and gentle manner with our 3 kids and is always available when we ask her to stay late to babysit. We love her cooking – she has a large repertoire of meals and cooks American/European, Ivorian, and Senegalese dishes for us. She has been with us for 7 months as we hired her as soon as she was available from a departing family. I know well the last 2 families she has worked for here, both Embassy families, who gave her strong recommendations for good reason.  She speaks French. She can be reached at: 77.293.1865 or you can reach me at