Nanny: Nguenar Danfa

Nguenar Danfa is seeking work as a nanny. She is amazing with children and has great interpersonal skills. Nguenar is fluent in English, a native French and Wolof speaker. She also reads and writes in German and Italian. She comes highly recommended as hard working, being trustworthy and reliable. She can be reached at 77 960 91 36 or 77 431 05 01 and  A copy of her resume can be requested at the CLO office.

Domestic help: Awa is the whole package!

Awa Gueye has worked for us for the past 3 years. She has been our cook & housekeeper. She has also stayed overnight with our teenagers whenever my husband and I traveled. She has learned to cook some of our favorite meals that we have taught her. Also she has taken upon herself to look up new recipes on YouTube . She was always willing to work nights or weekends when we entertained family & friends. She comes to work on time and is very responsible. She does the laundry, shopping, picks up dry cleaning, escorts maintenance staff and even shops for gifts to take back to family & friends. Awa is very trustworthy. She is wonderful with the kids and even helps them with their French. She speaks French & Wolof but she understands my bad French. She keeps us informed of maintenance issues and when things need to be replenished. She has a great personality and always has a smile on her face. She was an asset to our family. You can contact us for any questions about Awa at susette_da_silva@hotmail. com or Or contact Awa directly at 77.786.6375, she is available now.

Domestic Help: Veronique Yande: Cook/ Nanny

Following our move back to the US after 4 years in Senegal, we seek to help our nanny/housekeeper/cook find work with a good family. Véronique Yandé Faye worked for us for nearly 4 years, during which time she was a nanny to 3 kids (baby to 7 year old), who grew very attached to her, and she to them. She genuinely enjoys being with young children, and has proven to be gentle, caring, and able to play and entertain them (without screen time!) for hours on end. Veronique also happens to be an excellent cook; possibly her favorite activity after caring for the kids. Unlike many others we dealt with locally, she takes the time to learn and try new things, including of her own initiative, and is able to communicate a meal plan for the week, and plan effectively to minimize time wasted on last-minute errands. Véronique can cook a fairly broad diversity of food, beyond just Senegalese dishes. We spent significant time getting her to understand American/Western eating habits, as they may differ from local habits, including a significant reduction in the use of oil, fats, salt, overly salty seasoning cubes, sugar/sweets, and our emphasis on vegetables, including salads, fruits, balanced diets, etc, especially for the kids. She now makes terrific salads and a broad variety of vegetable side dishes, both raw and cooked. Véronique also really enjoys baking (again, not common in Senegal), and so makes a great cook not just for daily family meals, but also for any family that hosts receptions on a regular basis. We often “loaned” Véronique to friends in the expat community who requested her assistance with dinner parties or large receptions, with which she was always happy to assist. Finally, after several failed attempts at finding other people we liked and found trustworthy to work as housekeeper, we tasked Véronique with all housekeeping work, which was made easier when all the kids were in school. Whenever the burden was too much, she called on one of her aunts, Yandé, who we paid by the day to assist her with housekeeping, including with time-consuming house chores such as ironing, or to assist whenever we hosted receptions. For what it’s worth, we and the kids always enjoyed having her aunt, Yandé, around. Veronique proved to be reliable, trustworthy, honest, and generally discreet. In terms of her personal background info, Veronique is Catholic, unmarried, has a teen-aged son, and speaks French and Wolof. We will be happy to speak to anyone considering hiring her. Her contact information and ours are provided below:

Véronique Faye +221 77 402 9293

Stéphane Le Bouder and Monica Lee +1 240 888 0440

Domestic Help: Housekeeper, Nanny, Cook – Ami Sagne

Housekeeper, Nanny, Cook – Ami Sagne

Ami Sagne is seeking a part-time position as a housekeeper, nanny, or cook.  She is flexible and can to work with your schedule.   Ami worked for me part time on a schedule that wasn’t always as routine as most would like.  She was always flexible and always prompt! Ami is very trustworthy, honest, and timely and she is extremely flexible and hardworking. She took excellent care of my young daughter, making her meals, playing with her, reading stories, singing to her, etc.  My daughter was delighted every time she saw Ami!  She’s also very good with pets, Ami was extremely affectionate with our dog.  She knows Dakar well and where to get good deals shopping for you and is able to cook excellent Senegalese food and some very good Western dishes.  I’ve also employed her to do a lot of domestic stuff, such as tidying up the house, washing and ironing clothes, and properly washing fruits and vegetables in bleach.  She has taken the med unit food safety and basic first aid courses from the Embassy and has a good understanding of most of the typical Embassy systems for conducting maintenance to your house. Ami speaks French, Wolof and limited English.  She also has a special talent for making beautiful purses and shoes which comes in handy after a trip to HLM! 


You can call her directly at 77.216.7090. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have; as should be apparent, Ami has my highest recommendation as a great domestic employee.  Heidi Borman


Domestic Help: Nanny ad

After four years in Dakar, Balbine Manga is part of our family, and we are sad to say goodbye to her. But our loss is your gain. We highly recommend her as a nanny/house manager. She is warm and caring with the children, but knows how to be stern as well, and will stand her ground with a stubborn child. Balbine loves to play games with the kids and has fun with her job. She knows how to cook and always stays busy cleaning or fixing up the house, even when the kids are not around. She understands English and speaks a little. She can be reached at 76-550-1913 or 77-505-9431. Please contact me for further information

Domestic help: Domestic Staff(Cooks/Housekeepers/Nannies)

Domestic Staff:  Cooks/Housekeepers/Nannie

Florence Bassene

If you are looking for an meticulous housekeeper and excellent cook, then look no further!  Florence Bassene worked for us from 2014-2015 and was the best housekeeper and cook we’ve had in our 10 years in the Foreign Service.  She cleans until it shines and is an amazing cook.  She has worked for American families for the past 10 years, so she knows how to work with facilities and others who come to the house.  To top it off, she is also incredibly kind and can be completely trusted!  Florence is available to work full-time, Monday-Friday, starting the end of July.  Salary- 185.000.  Feel free to contact me for additional information and her contact number: