Domestic Help: Cook/Nanny/Housekeeper – Silvie Samb

I would like to recommend our previous nanny/housekeeper and cook, Silvie Samb (we have left Dakar in 2016). Silvie worked for us from December 2014 – August 2016. After that, she continued working for another Embassy family. Silvie was highly recommended by a previous Embassy family who is still in close contact with her.

Silvie was absolutely fantastic with taking care of our son (6 years old when we left). She also fulfilled the role of a housekeeper and cooked a few times per week. Our son was often invited to Silvie’s house, and he loved spending time with her family and learning about her culture. We know that Silvie really treated our son as her own and he has learned a lot from her.

Silvie knows French cuisine well, cooks the typical dishes (lasagna, quiche, enchilada, spring rolls, paella, beef stew, chicken, etc.) and makes various seafood and fish dishes. She can make fresh juices (bissap, ginger, passion fruit, tamarind, baobab), fruit sauces, fresh peanut butter, etc.  Silvie makes all the market trips for food shopping. We had freshly-cut fruit in the fridge at all times. She was able to get Swiss-chard and tofu, which were hard to find in Dakar!

For housekeeping, Silvie was in charge of the usual chores, to include vegetable cleaning, ironing, and laundry. She was able to fulfill all her housekeeping work for a large space, while taking care of other tasks.

Silvie has limited understanding of English, but we preferred to push ourselves and communicate in French with her. Having a French speaking house-helper encouraged us to improve our language abilities without stress. She is super patient, and we were able to communicate easily with her even when our struggle to find housecleaning/cooking French terms turned into hand gestures. Our son had no French initially, but Silvie sang and told stories in French to him every morning. He left Senegal with great French – we strongly feel that this was due to Silvie’s influence and engagement with him. Silvie understands when we communicate in English with our son.

Please contact her directly at Should you have any questions about considering Silvie for employment, I am available at


Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Cook/Nanny – Martha Dongue


To Whom It May Concern, 

We are writing this letter to recommend Martha Merline Tchodjui Dongue, who worked as a housekeeper and cook at our home while we were posted in Dakar.  Merline reads, writes and speaks English extremely well. Over the last five years, she has taken food preparation courses offered at the U.S. Embassy, and actively utilizes those skills while preparing meals for our family. Merline performed most grocery shopping for our family and managed everything in the home while we were away to include the gardener and repairs to the home. It was a blessing for us to have Merline come work with us, and we will miss everything she did for our family while we were in Dakar.

Merline possesses a friendly personality and strives for completing her tasks on time. She is a very thoughtful person who took care our pets several times while were out of town, always ensuring that they had everything they needed.  She has the physical stamina to perform all of her tasks cautiously and attentively. She follows instructions, remains loyal to her work, and is always eager to improve herself.  Having become a mother herself this past year, Merline has a calm demeanor and is very patient with children.  She was able to meet the needs of her daughter while completing all of her tasks efficiently and on time.  She manages her time very well.

We sincerely encourage you to hire Merline as your housekeeper/cook. Rest assured that she will do an excellent job.  

We wish her all the best in her future endeavors. If you have any queries about her, please do not hesitate to call or email.

Please contact Merline directly
76 902 4763 or 77 176 5850
For further information, contact CLO

Best Regards,

Lane Family


Domestic Help: Evening and Weekend Babysitting (and/or Petsitting) – Bintou Sane

Bintou Sane is an experienced childcare provider and a trusted member of our staff here in Dakar. She misses working with younger children and is offering her services for evening and weekend babysitting and child care services. She speaks French and Wolof and understands quite a bit of English. She can read and write in French and is great communicating with people to figure things out, no matter how well anyone speaks in any language. She lives centrally in Oukam and has flexibility for starting and ending times. She is also available for pet walking and sitting- she has done an amazing job for us taking care of our dog, Zoe and cat, Trixie. 775349921- Bintou’s cell number, please call her directly.

Domestic Help: Marietou Sow – Excellent Housekeeper/Cook/Nanny available part-time!

Marietou Sow – Excellent housekeeper/cook/nanny available part-time!

Marietou has been working with my American friend for two years and she is an amazing housekeeper and cook, and has worked as a nanny as well for other families. She is available for 3-4 days a week. She cleans meticulously, cooks Senegalese and Western dishes (for example she makes amazing lasagna, quiche, tzatziki, quinoa, chicken tenders, even Chinese mapo tofu…she learns quickly) and does meal prep, and importantly is great at taking initiative and communicating. She will oversee handymen and service providers, take deliveries, go grocery shopping or errand running, etc., and takes careful account of the money she manages. She has also been a huge help on weekends with dinner parties and other tasks (for overtime pay).

Marietou has cared for children from infant to teenage age, done school pick-up, and worked as a nanny. She has worked with a number of expat and Senegalese families over the years, and is very professional. Marietou speaks French and Wolof. I am so glad to work with her and recommend her very, very highly. Please reach out to her (777653253 or 764897709) directly, or feel free to reach out to Tracy for a reference (786383008, Whatsapp or cell).

Domestic Help: Nanny/Cook – Susanne Gueye

Susanne has worked with our family as a nanny and cook for four years. Her joyful spirit is evident from the first encounter. She is great about creating games to play with our kids aged 7 and 9 years. They both respect her and enjoy her company. Susanne is good-natured and always willing to go the extra mile to complete her task. She has worked with USG families for many years and has taken first aid and fire safety classes at the embassy. She speaks French and Wolof. Her specialty dishes are Senegalese cuisine but she also makes simple western dishes and is very willing to learn more. Please contact her directly on +221775716651

Domestic Help: Nanny- Kine Manga

Kine worked with our family in Dakar from August 2015 until December 2017, when she moved with us to Nairobi until the end of April 2018. During this time she facilitated my return to full time work and took care of my son from eight months old, and provided incredible support to the whole family, including our 14 year old daughter. Kine is one of the most caring people I have met; she brings enormous integrity and warmth into a household. In addition to caring for my son (including during my work missions overseas, when she stayed at our home with my partner and daughter), she also took on much of the housework and on occasion produced delicious meals for the family.

Kine is the mother of four grown up children, and has an incredible network in Dakar. For this reason, and because of visa challenges in Kenya, she has returned to Senegal and is looking for work. We are desperately sad that she is no longer with our family, but hopeful that she’ll find another family to work with, who will value her as much as we did.

Kine is available on 773657010. Please feel free to contact me on or +254 780 332 726 for more information, or contact Zoey Breslar at +221 76 883 7742,

Domestic Help: Nanny- Bintou Bangoura

Bintou Bangoura used to work for the HRO in Bamako (2014-2016) and was their trusted nanny for two years. She took great care of their twins who were three years old and were almost five years old when they departed post. She is very aware of good hygiene practices and helped with housekeeping duties, as well as cooking, laundry, etc. She was responsible for all things related to their children, their laundry, food preparation, child care while on travel and on play dates, etc. She was fully capable and proactive in ensuring the well-being of their children.

After the HRO’s family departure from Bamako, Bintou worked for another American family (not affiliated with the embassy). Overall, she has worked for them for two years.  The family moved to Dakar last year and asked her to move with them. She has been taking care of their children who were six months and two years when she started working with them. Now the kids are two years and four years old.

The family is moving back to the US on July 1st. She will be ready to start working on July 2nd.

Please feel free to contact Fatoumata Bathily at or 78-526-6289 for more information or contact Bintou directly at 77-335-3613