Domestic Help: Maid

Maid looking for work – available immediately.  Fatou Sané is looking for full-time work as a maid, dog walker and/or cook.  She has worked for American families for many years and has letters of recommendation from them all.  She is very comfortable around pets and can handle feeding, walking or other pet-related tasks.  She is an accomplished cook who can prepare both Senegalese and western dishes.  Good at ironing, washing, etc.  Speaks English competently.  Call 77-835 6329 or 77 312 6422



Domestic help: Domestic Staff(Cooks/Housekeepers/Nannies)

Domestic Staff:  Cooks/Housekeepers/Nannie

Florence Bassene

If you are looking for an meticulous housekeeper and excellent cook, then look no further!  Florence Bassene worked for us from 2014-2015 and was the best housekeeper and cook we’ve had in our 10 years in the Foreign Service.  She cleans until it shines and is an amazing cook.  She has worked for American families for the past 10 years, so she knows how to work with facilities and others who come to the house.  To top it off, she is also incredibly kind and can be completely trusted!  Florence is available to work full-time, Monday-Friday, starting the end of July.  Salary- 185.000.  Feel free to contact me for additional information and her contact number:   


Domestic help: Stella Assine


I am very excited to recommend Stella Assine to any prospective employer. Mrs. Assine worked for us from January 2016 to June 2017 and for the past eighteen months she had been a great addition to our family. She is a great housekeeper, Nanny and cook. She has never been late to work, nor has she ever missed a day of work and she has always been more than willing to work overtime when asked. She is very fluent in French and understands some English. She is very organized, efficient, and willing to do whatever is needed to get a particular task finished.

She is an exceptional housekeeper and does an excellent and careful job with cleaning, laundry and ironing. She supervises workers and projects when we are not around and ensures that work is done in a timely and careful manner.

Stella helped my then 3 year old son with everything, she washed him, fixed breakfast; played with him; got him ready for school; etc.; it didn’t take long for her to prove to me that she was also a very capable Nanny.

She also helped with food preparation and sometimes cooks Senegalese food as well as some American/European dishes and can follow recipes carefully and she is very quick to learn.

My family has been very impressed with her commitment to her job. Stella is very hard working, trustworthy and reliable; to the point that she looked after our house whenever we were on travel. We trusted her with our money and she did most of our market shopping for us. Stella deserves to be seriously considered by any potential employer, and I have no hesitation to recommend her.

She can be reached at 221-776569514. If you need more information please contact Michaela at 221 781539053 or e-mail

Domestic Help:Theresa Mhishi (a housekeeper/cook/nanny)

Theresa is able to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays (negotiable) as a housekeeper/cook/nanny from 8am – 5pm, she’s also great with dogs! She has been with our family for 8 months, she is trustworthy and hardworking. She grocery shops, cooks, walks our dog, does laundry and irons. She follows recipes well, knows all the best places to get high quality food for the best bargain. She has gone shopping with me at the markets and helped me haggle prices since I am not fluent in French. She speaks, reads and write English and speaks French. She would be a wonderful addition to any family! 

Please contact her directly at 77 608 9859 or you can contact me at 77 745 2953

Alex Yang


Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Cook (Joanne)

Joanne Mane, our fabulous cook and house keeper, has worked for us for over thee years.She is available 6 days a week, cooks wonderful America, European, Asian, and African food (including from recipes in English that she has never tried before, and adapting to dietary constraints – vegetarian and vegan; low-salt); cleans the house; does the laundry. She is extremely honest, hard-working, pleasant,  punctual, and likes pets. She takes initiative and can manage errands, dealing with deliveries, repairpeople, and organizing parties.

Joanne worked for several US embassy persons on a part time basis before she came to us – so combining several employers each for a couple days a week is also a possibility

Joanne is available as of July 2017.  She can be reached by phone or WhatsApp on +221764777699.


For further information, email me at


Domestic Help: Housekeeper—Adelaide

My housekeeper Adelaide is looking for additional employment for 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). She can clean, do laundry and iron, walk dogs, care for pets and plants, do grocery shopping, and cook. With cooking she does prefer recipes and directions, but can cook independently when needed. She has been working for me for two years and I can warmly recommend her: She is friendly, reliable, does thorough work, and follows directions well. She speaks and writes French. Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday, but I am happy to discuss if more/different days are preferred. Contact Adelaide directly or feel free to email me, Catharina.

Adelaide’s cell: 77 506 48 65, or email Catharina Gress-Wright,