Domestic Help: Nanny/ Housekeeper- Fatime Ndiaye

Fatime Ndiaye has been an essential asset to our household for about nearly 15 months  that she has worked for us in Dakar.  She has proven herself to be the most dependable employees and trustworthy.  Her dependability has been a blessing to not only give our newborn child  who is now a toddler consistency, but also helped with my dependability to report to work daily.

She has worked with American families for over 10 years and comes very highly recommended, not only by me, but her previous employees also.  She can provide letters of recommendation that were previously prepared for her.  You can direct her to do things around your house and she will often take the initiative to complete other tasks, as she sees need attention.  Her childcare skills are impeccable, her ironing skills are excellent, good job cleaning, and she can cook, although this not part of the tasks I asked of her.

Fatime will be available when we depart Dakar around June-July.  You are welcome to contact her now, so that she will not have a long lapse in employment.  She speaks fluent French and Wolof.  I converse with her in French, but she also speaks and understands basic English and has not had problems communicating.  She can be reached at mobile #: +221.70.866.1656 or +221-77-457-7673

She had a security background check conducted last summer and has had the MED Unit basic training session offered by the U.S.Embassy Dakar. She will be available starting June 2018.

 If you have any questions, contact


Domestic Help: Housekeeper/ Cook/ Nanny- Marie Louise Sagna

Marie Louise has been with our family since August 2013. She has become a member of our family. She takes care of the house independently, from cleaning, ironing, laundry. She is a great cook and helps us to prepare dinner, parties in an impeccable way. The chocolate mousse, moussaka and many other Marie Louise recipes will be missed!
She also had an important role in the care of children, 2 little girls at the time of 4 years and 1 year. She is always very attentive to their needs and very scrupulous.
She is a great worker, never sick, very respectful and punctual. She a strong and kind lady at the same time. I highly recommend it to all families who need not just a nanny but a real support.
For reasons of moving out of Senegal in late June 2018 we will not be able to continue working with Marie Louise but we would like to find a good job for her.

Please contact for any further information.

Domestic Help: Housekeeper/ Nanny- Elisabeth Manga

Elisabeth Manga has worked with us for the last three years, and is now looking for a new family to look after. In addition to cleaning and doing the laundry, she sometimes does the grocery shopping, washes our produce, and cooks from time to time. She can make mafe, yasssa, and other Senegalese dishes, but is also eager to learn new recipes. We entertain frequently, and Elisabeth has overseen GSO/catering deliveries while my husband and I are at work. It has been a great relief to be able to arrive home and see the house ready for 50+ guests! Elisabeth has been employed by other expat families in the past and has experience working with young children. She speaks French and Wolof, and is extremely honest and trustworthy.

For more information, contact Kendra Morgan at 773504124 or at

Domestic Help: Housekeeper/ Cook/ Nanny- Fatoumata Bintou Mbengue

Are you looking for very reliable, hard-working and honest help at home? Fatou can take care of the house, children and cook as well. She is excellent with small children and has previously worked for expat families. Her former employers have been transferred so she is available immediately.

She can live in or come for the day without sleeping over, and speaks very good French. She can be contacted directly at +221 769021898 or +221 775479135.

For more information, contact her former employer Karmen Sakhr ( or Anne-Marie Deutschlander ( -78 639 0581.

Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Cook – Jeanette Coly

Jeanette Coly has many years of experience managing the homes of American/expatriate families.  She has been working for us for the past month while our housekeeper has been on vacation.  Jeanette is respectful, kind, quiet and trustworthy.  She has done a fantastic job managing our home, and I recommend her to anyone looking for help.  She cleans, does the laundry, irons, cooks, and cares for pets.  She speaks French, Wolof & a little English.  She has letters of reference upon demand.  Jeanette can be reached at 77 780 2316.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 76 294 9336 or

Domestic Help: Housekeeper / Cook / Nanny: Ms. Penda BA

Penda Ba has been an essential aspect of my home for the past year – I am not sure how I functioned without her!  While I worked full-time, Penda took care of all aspects of running my home from keeping it spotlessly clean, to grocery shopping, dry cleaning,  and even cooking dinner for out of town work colleagues / dinner parties.  My military uniforms, clothes, and bed linens have never been ironed so well.  Penda is 100% reliable and trust-worthy – change and receipts are always provided.  I cannot say enough about her work ethic – her energy is boundless.  She is at my house before I leave for work at 0630 and will stay as long as required.  Previous positions with other Embassy families have also included nanny duties for infants as well as taking care of 50 lb dogs.  Penda can do it all!  She is also extremely familiar with facilities / work order visits and needs little to no guidance – I show her something once and it’s incorporated into her work.   Penda is fluent in French and Wolof, with some English.  She is available now for part-time work and full-time work in mid-June.  You may contact her directly at +221 77 508 1260, or or for additional information or to arrange an interview.