Domestic Help: Part-time Housekeeper – Genevieve Badji

Genevieve Badji is available for part-time work 3 days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday). She has been an excellent help in my household. She shops for groceries and cooks for me, cleans the house, and cares for two friendly felines. She was previously employed by French diplomats so she seems to know both Senegalese and French recipes. She speaks Wolof and French. During her employment interview, she also mentioned that she also has experience caring for children and a larger dog. She regularly goes above and beyond to keep things clean and tidy in my household, and I know she will provide someone else the same level of assistance.

Please contact Genevieve regarding part-time work opportunities at: +221 77 721 5737. You are also welcome to contact me with further questions at:


Domestic Help: Marietou Sow – Excellent Housekeeper/Cook/Nanny available part-time!

Marietou Sow – Excellent housekeeper/cook/nanny available part-time!

Marietou has been working with my American friend for two years and she is an amazing housekeeper and cook, and has worked as a nanny as well for other families. She is available for 3-4 days a week. She cleans meticulously, cooks Senegalese and Western dishes (for example she makes amazing lasagna, quiche, tzatziki, quinoa, chicken tenders, even Chinese mapo tofu…she learns quickly) and does meal prep, and importantly is great at taking initiative and communicating. She will oversee handymen and service providers, take deliveries, go grocery shopping or errand running, etc., and takes careful account of the money she manages. She has also been a huge help on weekends with dinner parties and other tasks (for overtime pay).

Marietou has cared for children from infant to teenage age, done school pick-up, and worked as a nanny. She has worked with a number of expat and Senegalese families over the years, and is very professional. Marietou speaks French and Wolof. I am so glad to work with her and recommend her very, very highly. Please reach out to her (777653253 or 764897709) directly, or feel free to reach out to Tracy for a reference (786383008, Whatsapp or cell).

Dosmestic Help: Housekeeper-Ama Diallo

Ama has been taking care of my apartment since July 2016. She takes care of the place independently, from cleaning, ironing, laundry, etc. She is a great housekeeper and comes highly recommended by me.

Ama is a great worker, never calls in sick, is very respectful and is punctual. She is also very friendly, flexible, and easy going. She speaks French only but we still communicate fine with my limited French. I would highly recommend Ama to anyone that needs a great housekeeper for a reasonable price. Ama works for me 3 mornings a week and she would like to pick up additional clients to fill in the gaps. I would like to find a good job for her.

Please contact Ed Wirz at for any further information.


Domestic Help: Nanny/Cook – Susanne Gueye

Susanne has worked with our family as a nanny and cook for four years. Her joyful spirit is evident from the first encounter. She is great about creating games to play with our kids aged 7 and 9 years. They both respect her and enjoy her company. Susanne is good-natured and always willing to go the extra mile to complete her task. She has worked with USG families for many years and has taken first aid and fire safety classes at the embassy. She speaks French and Wolof. Her specialty dishes are Senegalese cuisine but she also makes simple western dishes and is very willing to learn more. Please contact her directly on +221775716651

Domestic Help: Housekeeper/ Cook- Rose Bassene

Available 2 Days/Week as of Late August 2018

Language – Rose speaks, comprehends, reads, and writes French, and speaks, reads, and comprehends Wolof. Rose is organized and low maintenance, so she has also been able to work for families with no French language skills after a one-time translation on what duties the family would like performed.

Experience – Rose worked for at least four American families, and is only available two days per week because she still works with other Americans. Rose has an RSO clearance through the U.S. Embassy.

Low Maintenance – Rose is super low maintenance! I work long hours and rarely get to interact with her. We put systems in place to leave grocery money, provide receipts, sign for her monthly salary to confirm she received it, and Whatsapp message me photos of the recipes she prepared for the day with nutritional values! She learns/adapts quickly and will have no problem providing what you need.

Grocery Shopping – Rose reads French, so leave her a list of things you want, like, or need, and she will pick them up. Rose is responsible with money, so after running errands she will return with change and receipts for purchases.

Prepare/Clean foods – Rose knows how to prepare and clean foods for safe consumption.

Cooking – Rose is a bit of a “jack of all trades” but I’ve particularly enjoyed her cooking. While she can cook traditional Senegalese meals, Rose also reads French, so upon providing her with a couple of French cook books that were in line with a specific health diet I wanted to follow, Rose adapted to cooking the healthy meals I preferred, and they were excellent! Provide her with any cook book or diet you want, and if the ingredients are here Rose will follow it.

Cleaning – Roses’ cleaning skills are great! We held no discussion/training and she simply went to work. She does all the vacuuming, mopping, dusting, making beds, organizing there is to do in the home.

Laundry – I leave my laundry in one place and Rose does the Washing/Drying, then folds clothing and places them in the correct drawers, irons and creases dress shirts and pants, shines shoes and boots, and steam cleans suits or takes them to the dry cleaner if needed.

Plant/Garden Care – Rose has cared for both my indoor and outdoor plants, sought special treatments from the local gardeners when required, and did planting and re-potting.

Dish Washing – Leave the dishes and Rose will clean/dry and place them back in their originals location.

Running errands – Leave a list of chores/errands in French and Rose will complete them.

Pets/Children  – Rose’s previous American family had both pets and children so she has experience with both!

For more information please contact Nick at

Domestic Help: Housekeeper/ Cook/ Nanny- N’youla Camara

Cell 221-78-187-2212

Residence Village of Ngore Senegal

Born in Guinea/with papers

Cleared Clearance done by RSO US Embassy Dakar Senegal 2016

Languages; English, French, SuSu, Malian

Work History:

Guinea US Embassy 3 Client’s; Cleaning, Cooking ect…

Restaurant & Hotel Experience; Waitressing@

Hotel Sarema Mali Bamako

Salone Amadies Senegal; Pedicure’s, Manicure’s, Massages.

US Embassy Dakar; 2015-2018

6 Client’s House Manager: Part time for all, to complete 40 hour week

Cleaning, Washing, Ironing, Shines Shoes, Nanny, great with Animals,

Shopping for cleaning and food Items, handles Money really well.

(Just explain how you would expect it to be done, so she will understand your style.)

References upon request;

Client for reference English speaking only.

Domestic Help: Nanny/ Housekeeper- Fatime Ndiaye

Fatime Ndiaye has been an essential asset to our household for about nearly 15 months  that she has worked for us in Dakar.  She has proven herself to be the most dependable employees and trustworthy.  Her dependability has been a blessing to not only give our newborn child  who is now a toddler consistency, but also helped with my dependability to report to work daily.

She has worked with American families for over 10 years and comes very highly recommended, not only by me, but her previous employees also.  She can provide letters of recommendation that were previously prepared for her.  You can direct her to do things around your house and she will often take the initiative to complete other tasks, as she sees need attention.  Her childcare skills are impeccable, her ironing skills are excellent, good job cleaning, and she can cook, although this not part of the tasks I asked of her.

Fatime will be available when we depart Dakar around June-July.  You are welcome to contact her now, so that she will not have a long lapse in employment.  She speaks fluent French and Wolof.  I converse with her in French, but she also speaks and understands basic English and has not had problems communicating.  She can be reached at mobile #: +221.70.866.1656 or +221-77-457-7673

She had a security background check conducted last summer and has had the MED Unit basic training session offered by the U.S.Embassy Dakar. She will be available starting June 2018.

 If you have any questions, contact