Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Nanny – Ndeye Awa Gueye

I would very much like Ndeye Awa Gueye to find employment and I strongly recommend her. Ndeye Awa will be available for full time as a Cleaner, Cooker, Housekeeper, and Nanny… She is warm, friendly, totally reliable and honest. She speaks Wolof, French. She can also read, write in English and speak some English as she ended her schooling at the middle grade level. Please contact me at, tel: 775261877 for any questions. You can contact her directly at         77-246-4851


Domestic Help: Nanny/Housekeeper – Diouana Nango

Diouana Nango was our housekeeper and nanny for 2 years. She is an excellent cleaner and is very thorough. She takes care of all the cleaning, ironing and tidying up after our children and pets. In addition to housekeeping, she  looked after our children when they came home from school, babysat in the evenings, and stayed overnight on occasion when we needed her to. When our youngest was little, she would take her for a walk every afternoon and take our older children for bike rides or soccer practice. She would play puzzles, chase games, read books (in French), and prep their meals and snacks. When we would leave Senegal for vacation, she would feed our dog and cat and keep our house dust-free and clean for our return. As our children are now all in school full-time, she is looking for a full-time nanny job or a job with light housekeeping and ironing. She is available immediately. She speaks French and a little English. Please contact me for more information – or contact Diouana directly at +221 775581025 or +221 705963779.

Domestic Help: Housekeeper – Elise

My housekeeper Elise is looking for part time employment on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She has worked for Americans since July 2013 as housekeeper and cook. She currently works for me part time (M, W, F). She is Senegalese, from The Casamance and speaks French and Wolof. She is also Christian and will buy and cook pork dishes if you’d like. I have absolutely no complaints about Elise and recommend her without hesitation. She has great attention to detail and is very thorough in her work. She is an excellent cook and can make American dishes too. She is very honest, punctual, meticulous and has been a tremendous addition to my time in Senegal. I’m available at 76 905 9105 (John Yang) for more information. You can also contact Elise at 77 511 7399.

Housekeeper/Cook: Evelyn Nare

I highly recommend Ms. Evelyne Nare for housekeeping/cooking duties. Evelyne has many years of experience working for U.S. Embassy families. She has worked as house keeper and cook for me for the past year, providing excellent housecleaning and cooking services. She is honest, dependable and trust worthy. She is looking for part-time housekeeping work. At the farmer’s market she is also there selling her specialty-salsa! Evelyne speaks English and French and will be available mid-October.

Evelyne can be reached at: 77 478 8309 or

For more information contact Scott Spencer at / 773327806


Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Nanny – Khady Badji

Khady Badji is currently available to take care of your household and children. Having worked with U.S. Embassy families previously, she is very dependable, trustworthy, and understands the needs of the embassy life. Her sweet and kind personality makes her ideal as a nanny, and she really cares about the children she is responsible for. She can whip up quick meals and is very understanding and flexible when last-minute changes in schedule means that she has to stay later in the day. She can be contacted directly at 77-317-3808.

Maria Harrison: 78-014-5839

Domestic help: Housekeeper/Cook Mimi Djina

Excellent house helper and cook, Mimi Djina, who has been with us for more than two years.  Our household needs have shifted and she is available for several days per week including Saturdays, as long as I can keep her for at least one day. She speaks French and has helped us make progress in learning the same. She is Christian and with a family of her own, so we have never asked her to work those holidays or Sundays. She is a lovely person, hard working and dedicated.  Please contact Mimi directly at 774196177 or please feel free to contact me at or at cell:786370415.