Domestic help: Gardener

Our gardener has been with us over the past four years from 2013-2017.  Punctual, honest, hard-working, respectful and flexible are some of the words to describe him.  He takes direction well and aims to please. In the past he has worked for a number of families from the Mission and is currently looking for several families with whom he can work part-time as several families with whom he works are leaving post. Seydi has kept our garden well trimmed and watered. He always lets us know when fertilizer is needed or if the plants need treating.  He is available immediately as well as over the summer to keep your plants green.  For more details, contact him directly at: 775046477  or me at +221781845485 or via email at   


Domestic Help: Gardener/Handyman/Dog Walker: Claude BADJI

We enthusiastically recommend Claude BADJI for part-time employment as a gardener/handyman/dog walker. For four years he has been a trusted and important member of our household. He takes initiative, is scrupulously honest, and has a great work ethic. Our garden has been transformed under his care. He is observant about what needs to be done and careful about doing it.   He gets quotes for plants or materials, and is a determined negotiator on our behalf. He immediately takes on any project, for example converting some of our yard from gravel to grass, or trimming a high acacia tree without causing damage to the wall or the neighbor’s yard.     He also washes the car and eagerly takes on household tasks, such as painting our front hall or changing a hard-to-reach light bulb.   Our dog adores him, and it is a pleasure to watch the two of them play and take their daily walk. Note that Claude worked for 12 years at the Club Atlantic (formerly Club American), and knows Americans and other expats well. During that time he was promoted from janitor to receptionist and cashier, ending his employment there only when the club closed because of the opening of the NEC.   In addition to his time under our employment, his record there also speaks well to his motivation, trustworthiness, and talent.   Claude is available for part-time work immediately.   He speaks French and Wolof, although we have not had problems communicating with him in English.   Please contact Laszlo Palocz (77 168 8457; or Pamela Martin (77 332 4217 ).

Gardener available: Malang Mane

Malang Mane has been a very reliable, conscientious employee for the last 4 years. He has worked in the garden everyday and has helped out with small jobs such as decorating plant pots [he is very artistic], fixing bikes, washing the car, cleaning balconies and windows. He has worked full time for American Diplomatic families since 2004.

We highly recommend Mala who speaks, reads and writes French and Wolof and some English. He passed his driving test a few years ago and is willing to take on chauffeuring jobs too.

Please feel free to contact Stephanie Ogg for further information: Yoggastephanie@gmail .com

Gardener: Abdoulaye Gueye

Our gardener has worked for us over the past 2 years and has done an excellent job at taking care of our yard. He is professional, honest, and works independently. He will be available for full-time work starting June 8, 2017. You can contact Abdoulaye directly at 77 614 3853. I’m available at 77 740 7906 or for questions. While we only used Abdoulaye as a gardener, the prior family used him for much more. See link

Gardener Available: Alioune Sane

Alioune Sane is seeking employment as a gardener.  He provided gardening services for our family over the last 3 years and worked for my predecessor two years previously.  He works 6 days a week to provide gardener services and car washing/cleaning.  Most importantly, Alioune is excellent with our children, played with them daily, and was a very pleasant addition to our household.  Our kids ranged in age from 1-9 years old.  He is available for new employment starting on 17 June 2017.  His phone number is 77 777 1533 and 77 459 0846.  To contact me as his employer, please email