Gardener: Alioune Sane


Domestic Help: Gardner/Handyman – WADE

Moussa Wade has worked for us for the past 3 years. He has been our Gardner, handyman, carpenter and all around go to person for most everything from finding items to shopping for plants to running errands. He cleaned the cars, inside and out; kept the outside of the house in great condition with little guidance.  He came to work on time and was very responsible and trustworthy. He was helpful in every way.  He  speaks French & Wolof but understands English. He always informed us of when the gas or water tanks needed changing.   He was an asset to our family.  You can contact us for any questions about Moussa at susette_da_silva@hotmail. com or Or contact Moussa directly at 77.666.8718, he is available now.

Domestic Help: Gardener

Gardener:  Mr. Francois Diedhioi

Francois has been employed on a part-time basis at this house for just under two years.  We shared his labor with another embassy family which left Dakar last year. He without fail arrives before sun-up and stays until tea-time; trustworthy to a “T”.  He watered, swept, washed, cut the grass and trimmed the trees.  A clever fashioner of things like sturdy little fences and a determined conserver of our tattered hose.  Valiant in trying to make things grow in sandy soil.  A good man looking to land well as our household undergoes whirlwind transformation. He seeks part-time or full-time work. You may contact him directly (French/Wolof only) at Francois Diedhioi, 77 556 4492.  I am Barbara Syrrakos (; 77 146 5603). Thank you.


Domestic help: Gardener

Our gardener has been with us over the past four years from 2013-2017.  Punctual, honest, hard-working, respectful and flexible are some of the words to describe him.  He takes direction well and aims to please. In the past he has worked for a number of families from the Mission and is currently looking for several families with whom he can work part-time as several families with whom he works are leaving post. Seydi has kept our garden well trimmed and watered. He always lets us know when fertilizer is needed or if the plants need treating.  He is available immediately as well as over the summer to keep your plants green.  For more details, contact him directly at: 775046477  or me at +221781845485 or via email at   


Domestic Help: Gardener/Handyman/Dog Walker: Claude BADJI

We enthusiastically recommend Claude BADJI for part-time employment as a gardener/handyman/dog walker. For four years he has been a trusted and important member of our household. He takes initiative, is scrupulously honest, and has a great work ethic. Our garden has been transformed under his care. He is observant about what needs to be done and careful about doing it.   He gets quotes for plants or materials, and is a determined negotiator on our behalf. He immediately takes on any project, for example converting some of our yard from gravel to grass, or trimming a high acacia tree without causing damage to the wall or the neighbor’s yard.     He also washes the car and eagerly takes on household tasks, such as painting our front hall or changing a hard-to-reach light bulb.   Our dog adores him, and it is a pleasure to watch the two of them play and take their daily walk. Note that Claude worked for 12 years at the Club Atlantic (formerly Club American), and knows Americans and other expats well. During that time he was promoted from janitor to receptionist and cashier, ending his employment there only when the club closed because of the opening of the NEC.   In addition to his time under our employment, his record there also speaks well to his motivation, trustworthiness, and talent.   Claude is available for part-time work immediately.   He speaks French and Wolof, although we have not had problems communicating with him in English.   Please contact Laszlo Palocz (77 168 8457; or Pamela Martin (77 332 4217 ).