Driver, Gardener & Handyman for hire

Rene Mashiala Mbangu has worked for us for nearly three years. Prior to joining us, he drove for a Diplomatic family in the Republic of Congo for several years. They proceeded to bring Rene along to Senegal where he drove for them for another five years. His driving record is impeccable. He drives us around in a Mercedez and an Escalade and neither vehicle has ever been scratched or been involved in any kind of fender bender. Our agreement is that he is basically available 24/7. This arrangement is invaluable when it comes to airport runs. Time allowing, his other duties involve working in the garden, running errands and handyman tasks. He knows Basic English and his language skills continue to improve.

 Contact:  Elizabeth Crawford, 76 256 6779,




Groundskeeper-Available immediately

Hi all,


I have a second employee to recommend… Edward NIAKH groundskeeper.

Since I am leaving next week he is available immediately, and can be reached at 78 270 3874

If anyone wants to contact me as a reference, I would be more than happy to reply.  My personal email is


Andy Earle-Richardson

Peace Corps Medical Officer

Dakar, Senegal




Recommendation for Household Help

U.S. Mission, Dakar Senegal



Name of Employee: Edward NAIKH       Date: February 1, 2019


Type of Service: Groundskeeper


Nationality/Date Place of Birth: Senegalese, Senegal


Current Employer: Andrew Earle-Richardson


Duration of employment & date available for onward work:  3 years, immediately


Hours per week: 40-50


Salary: 90,000 – negotiable


Number & ages of employer’s children (if applicable) N/A


English Speaking/Reading:  _____Excellent  _____Good  _____Some   X  N/A

French Speaking/ Reading:  _____Excellent  ___X__Good  _____Some  _____N/A


Recommendation: _____Superior  ___X__High  _____Good  _____Adequate


Comments: Please be honest and specific (include any special duties and past experience).


Edward is very reliable, hard-working, and always has a positive attitude.  He was responsible for keeping the car, walkways and terrace clean, and for watering and trimming grass, bushes, and flowers.



Domestic Help: Evening and Weekend Babysitting (and/or Petsitting) – Bintou Sane

Bintou Sane is an experienced childcare provider and a trusted member of our staff here in Dakar. She misses working with younger children and is offering her services for evening and weekend babysitting and child care services. She speaks French and Wolof and understands quite a bit of English. She can read and write in French and is great communicating with people to figure things out, no matter how well anyone speaks in any language. She lives centrally in Oukam and has flexibility for starting and ending times. She is also available for pet walking and sitting- she has done an amazing job for us taking care of our dog, Zoe and cat, Trixie. 775349921- Bintou’s cell number, please call her directly.

Domestic Help: Gardener-Sakony Diallo

I would like to recommend Mr. Diallo. He has worked as a part-time gardener for us during the past two years.  During that time, he has taken care of our garden outside and on our rooftop including helping us grow some vegetables.  He has also washed our vehicle regularly. He is trustworthy, reliable and has worked for numerous American families over the years.  He is available immediately and can be reached at: 77 450 43 23 or 77 953 58 43.

Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions.

Domestic Help: Gardener – Malang Mane

Malang is a miracle worker! He has taken our sad garden and made it beautiful. He has worked for 6 American families previously and can provide references and is available again for work now that we will be moving. He is a very talented gardener, he washes our car, walks dogs, does handy work around the house when needed or small errands. Overall a very friendly, kind and honest guy to have on your staff. He speaks French and Wolof and is available immediately. Please do not hesitate to reach out to him or myself!

Malang Mane – 77 244 78 04

Kayla Showalter –

Domestic Help: Gardener – Kourouma Famory

Recommendation 1:

Gardener:  Kourouma Famory

Kourouma and his team have provided gardening services at my residence for the past four years.  Kourouma has proven himself hard-working, dependable, and trustworthy.  He manages his team effectively, and coordinates well with other household employees and Facilities Maintenance staff.  Kourouma speaks French and some English.  He is responsive to text messages and email as well as telephone and in-person communication.  Kourouma can be reached directly at 77-652-7081.  For further reference questions, contact Skye at or 77-333-3721.  Kourouma is available for new clients now.


Recommendation 2:

Kourouma Famory has worked for me as a gardener since July 2015 and also works part-time with several other embassy households.  Kourouma is fluent in English. He is reliable, trustworthy and hard working. In addition to normal gardening and upkeep, he has cultivated a great vegetable garden and also walks our dog and washes our car.  Kourouma can be reached at 776527081. For recommendation contact Adam at 781234834 or

Domestic Help: Gardener – Ansoumana

Our gardener, Ansoumana Diedhiou, is available for part-time work! He’s been working for us three days a week, and has done wonders for our yard. He planted grass on our lawn, which previously had no grass, and is now growing lusciously- a great spot for the children to run around in.  His best quality is that he is extremely hard-working and knowledgeable about plants here. He is also great with kids and loves playing with ours whenever they run around. He also regularly washes our car and cleans the garage. His work is above and beyond.

 Ansoumana speaks French and Wolof and is very knowledgeable about Dakar, so you can come to him for any questions regarding culture or anything else. Give me a call if you are interested in setting up an interview: 78-014-5839 or e-mail me at