Houseboy/Guard/Gardener Available: Abdoulaye Gueye

Abdoulaye has been our gardener and houseboy for three years in Dakar 2012-2015, and again for the past three years in Lagos 2018-2021. He is extraordinarily devoted, hard-working and above all honest – the reason we brought him to Lagos.  He is very devout (no alcohol) and family-oriented with a modest and agreeable character – no ‘attitude’.   As a Gardener he has kept our yard and balcony plants green and flowering, even with fairly exotic species like roses, buying and using the local pesticides and fertilizers.    He also makes up our bed/bathrooms, does the household cleaning and dusting every day, irons and knows how to use the washing machine and dryer. He is not a cook, but has basic kitchen skills beyond cleaning and washing up dishes.  He does the shopping and sterilizes fruits and vegetables, slices and chops food, uses the blender, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, etc  and has acquired such cooking skills as sautéing or boiling, setting the oven and timing dishes.  He feeds and cleans up after the dog.  Physically very strong, he is a handyman with routine household repairs and a whiz at finding local services like shoemakers and carpenters.  Above all he is extraordinarily honest.   We leave him in the house when we go on leave to make sure everything is secure.  He is literate (makes/reads lists) and speaks French (plus Wolof of course) and basic English, which has improved with use in Nigeria.  He has a Senegalese driver’s license but has not driven for us.

Availability:  As of  Aug. 1.   He will be with us here in Lagos until the end of July, though he could arrive earlier in Dakar if definitely needed. 

Your name, cell #, & email address:    Contact Beatrice and Tom Hart (in Lagos) at US Vonage number (703)-349-6127 and until July 31.  Then we retire to in the US at (321)-271-8136.  Abdoulaye himself should be reachable when he arrives in Dakar at 776143853   

Part-time Gardener/Driver available

Alioune Sane is very hard working and extremely honest and punctual.  He works for me only part time, three half days a week, ensuring our garden/patio is clean and green. He worked for other American families who have all left, taking care of their gardens, growing vegetables from seeds, and coming up with new ideas to make their usually small spaces nice.

He washes the car, does errands, and anything else that may be needed. He takes English classes at the British Council, and knows the majority of the guards and workers from the Embassy. He was a driver for a UN family, and drove errands for another US family. 

He is a go to/ do everything guy, and a great addition to any household staff. 

Alioune can be reached at : 77.459.0846 or 76.652.2310

Xavier Preciado –
Ima Essien Jones –


Moussa Wade is a gardener that has worked with us for 2 years. He maintains our property and follows our requests well. He will complete all outside tasks including fetching: items from the hardware store, creating a flower bed, and washing your car. He speaks limited English, but will use pictures to determine exactly what you want. He assisted me in planting and maintain a vegetable garden, and is always excited to learn more about planting vegetables, and is willing to share his knowledge about gardening in Senegal, which can be challenging.  He is available 3 days a week, immediately.

Contact: Karen

Groundskeeper-Available immediately

Hi all,


I have a second employee to recommend… Edward NIAKH groundskeeper.

Since I am leaving next week he is available immediately, and can be reached at 78 270 3874

If anyone wants to contact me as a reference, I would be more than happy to reply.  My personal email is


Andy Earle-Richardson

Peace Corps Medical Officer

Dakar, Senegal




Recommendation for Household Help

U.S. Mission, Dakar Senegal



Name of Employee: Edward NAIKH       Date: February 1, 2019


Type of Service: Groundskeeper


Nationality/Date Place of Birth: Senegalese, Senegal


Current Employer: Andrew Earle-Richardson


Duration of employment & date available for onward work:  3 years, immediately


Hours per week: 40-50


Salary: 90,000 – negotiable


Number & ages of employer’s children (if applicable) N/A


English Speaking/Reading:  _____Excellent  _____Good  _____Some   X  N/A

French Speaking/ Reading:  _____Excellent  ___X__Good  _____Some  _____N/A


Recommendation: _____Superior  ___X__High  _____Good  _____Adequate


Comments: Please be honest and specific (include any special duties and past experience).


Edward is very reliable, hard-working, and always has a positive attitude.  He was responsible for keeping the car, walkways and terrace clean, and for watering and trimming grass, bushes, and flowers.



Domestic Help: Gardener – Ansoumana

Our gardener, Ansoumana Diedhiou, is available for part-time work! He’s been working for us three days a week, and has done wonders for our yard. He planted grass on our lawn, which previously had no grass, and is now growing lusciously- a great spot for the children to run around in.  His best quality is that he is extremely hard-working and knowledgeable about plants here. He is also great with kids and loves playing with ours whenever they run around. He also regularly washes our car and cleans the garage. His work is above and beyond.

 Ansoumana speaks French and Wolof and is very knowledgeable about Dakar, so you can come to him for any questions regarding culture or anything else. Give me a call if you are interested in setting up an interview: 78-014-5839 or e-mail me at