Domestic Help: Drivers

Recommendation for Household Help

U.S. Mission, Dakar Senegal

Name of Employee: Ousmane Sow Date: 07-17-2018

Type of Service: Full Time Chauffeur

Nationality/Place of Birth: Senegal

Current Employer: Donald Hubbell (ESC Dakar)

Duration of employment & date available for onward work: Three Years 2015-2018

Ousmane is available for onward work beginning on 30/July/2018

Hours per week: 45

Salary: 135,000 CFA

Number & ages of employer’s children (if applicable) _____N/A_____

English Speaking/Reading: _____Excellent ____Speaking____Good ____Reading____Some _____N/A

French Speaking/ Reading: ____X____Excellent _____Good _____Some _____N/A

Recommendation: ____XX____Superior _____High _____Good _____Adequate

Comments: Please be honest and specific (include any special duties and past experience).


Ousmane has been my full time chauffeur, since August 2015. I can say without reservation that Ousmane is absolutely the safest driver in Senegal.

Ousmane is a great worker, has never called in sick, is always very respectful, and is always punctual.  He is friendly, flexible, and easy going.  He is a fluent speaker of Wolof and French, his English is good and is constantly improving.  Ousmane has also done other light jobs for us; such as family shopping, and painting a room.   I very highly recommend Ousmane to anyone needing the best chauffeur in Senegal.  I would very much like help him to find a good job, with a good family.

Ousmane can be contacted on tel: 77-641-97-01

Please contact Don Hubbell at for any further information needed.

Local Contact Phone Numbers for Employee: 77-641-97-01


Domestic Help: Driver – Khassim

Khassim has been my driver since early 2017.  (I no longer need him now after moving house and changing schools for my children, everything is at walking distance!) Khassim has been flexible in terms of scheduling and very reliable. He is respectful and discrete. My children both made good friends with him thanks to his warm attitude. Khassim, who speaks French, Wolof and Mandingue, has over time become of an administrative assistant to me, too. He helped me obtain all the paperwork I needed to get settled in Senegal, plus helped with car issues (customs, insurance, controle technique, repairs). He also made himself available as needed for weekend trips when I had visitors. I highly recommend Khassim as a driver, he is a true gem.

If interested contact Desiree at or 763574483

Domestic Help: Driver – Ousmane Ndoye

If you are looking for an experienced and highly recommended driver – then please contact me! Ousmane Ndoye has been working for my family for the last two years, and was previously with another expat family for 4. He is extremely reliable, punctual, hard-working and trustworthy, a rare gem here in Dakar! Having previously worked as a guide, he knows all of Senegal well and can also suggest or accompany you on trips outside of Dakar. In addition to driving, he takes wonderful care of our animals when we are gone, cleans the pool, runs errands, oversees the guards, and generally takes care of the house. He will be available as of June 2018 but I am happy to release him earlier if need be. If interested, please contact Anne-Marie Deutschlander. Deputy Regional Representative at UNHCR ( / +221 78 639 0581.