Excellent Housekeeper/Nanny/Cook Available in December

Valerie Badiane has been our family’s nanny and housekeeper from December 2020.  For four years prior to that, she took outstanding care of another Embassy family and traveled with them from Senegal to Cameroon, and ultimately to the United States. Valerie was always professional, reliable, responsible, hard-working, honest, and easy to live with. We both recommend her enthusiastically for childcare and housekeeping positions with American or international families.

Her previous employer noted that their twins were 18 months when Valerie started working. Taking care of twins is not an easy task but Valerie discharged her duties responsibly, lovingly, and calmly. Valerie has boundless patience and understanding and a soothing personality — invaluable attributes when caring for small children. Besides keeping the children well fed, clean, and safe, she enjoyed playing and drawing with them.  Valerie’s responsibilities also included preparing the children for pre-school and ensuring they had their lunch boxes and school materials as well as accompanying them to play dates and activities. She was always organized, on time, and exercised excellent judgment. We trusted Valerie to take care of the children when they were ill, take their temperature, measure and administer medication per the doctor’s instructions, and keep us informed of their progress.

Valerie was also a great housekeeper and cook. She kept our house clean and organized and learned to cook delicious dishes for our family. Not only did Valerie learn new recipes—she can prepare almost any recipe written in English or French– but she showed initiative by looking for delicious recipes online to vary our meals. She also baked cakes and muffins for the children.

Valerie’s willingness to learn new skills is evidenced by her efforts to improve her English language skills.. When she started working with us, Valerie spoke basic English, which she had briefly studied at the University of Dakar. Since then, she assiduously attended English classes during her free time. Valerie’s native French and working-level English will be an asset to any American family.

We cannot speak highly enough of Valerie’s character and skills, and we hope that she will find an amazing family deserving of her kindness and hard work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the email addresses below shall you have any questions.

Nitza Sola-Rotger, nitza75@gmail.com (previous employer); Anny Chasson, annychasson@gmail.com, (current employer)

Valerie can be reach at +221 77 800 04 64

Jon Chasson:  77 7407 905

Excellent Nanny and Housekeeper Available Now!

Bernadette Coly has worked for us as a nanny/cook/cleaner since the beginning of 2018. We knew it was the right match ever since she appeared the first week unexpectedly with a magical hibachi! She’s been warm with our three kids… always present and having fun with her jolly antics. Because she’s such a natural with young ones of all ages, she can be thoroughly trusted to make the right decisions, even when it can be challenging to do so.

If balancing the art of prioritization is the hallmark of a strong housekeeper, Bernadette always knows that the kids come first. She’s equally comfortable sitting on the floor storytelling or singing with the kids, vacuuming/mopping, or making a delicious mesquite-grilled porc yassa. Even during the most challenging situations, she never becomes upset or lets the kids take advantage of her. Universally well-liked by her colleagues in the building, Bernadette has a magnetic personality that’s always positive.

Some of Bernadette’s culinary specialties include almond-crusted monkfish, grilled plantain skewers, crispy chicken in panko almond meal (poulet pané), lemon marinated hickory-smoked grilled chicken wings, cheese mashed potatoes, coconut curry roasted pumpkin soup, garlic marinated grilled octopus, chili con carne, stuffed grilled fish fresh from the market, and chickpea coconut milk stew (chana masala). She also often prepares French lentils and all varieties of beans, mostly with an Indian twist. For many of these dishes, she’s gifted at hiding blended carrots/onions into them to charm even the most finicky toddler. Bernadette makes all sorts of original, crispy, and delicious salads (fruit or vegetable) with whatever herbs, seafood, and nuts she can find. She doesn’t mind coming a little early in the morning when need be in order to cook up some sausages or freshly-made crepes. Our favorites among her Senegalese cuisine include black-eyed peas (ndambé), black-eyed pea fritters (accras de niebé), and red black-eyed peas with smoked conch (thiebou ketchakh). Naturally, she also makes a delicious mafé or thieboudienne. All her Senegalese beverages made from scratch are refreshing, such as mint sugar-free hibiscus juice (bissap) that the kids likewise savor.

Other responsibilities that Bernadette has taken on include ironing, taking the kids on walks to see tortoises and peacocks, light shopping for produce, and sanitizing fruits and veggies in bleach. She’s meticulous in her record-keeping for the money she spends on shopping and can be trusted to keep cash on hand for long periods of time without much checking in. She also understands the importance of not being on her phone while working with the kids and not having screen time.

If you’re looking for reliability and a forthright personality while teleworking, Bernadette is the ideal person to have in your household. She’s extremely understanding and very patient with kids, to the point of being unflappable. When it comes to the youngest kids, she can keep a tiny one entertained even while ironing clothes. She’s never missed a day of work and has a true passion for being around our kind, naughty, silly, fun, grumpy, wild kids… and adults.

We recommend Bernadette very highly and encourage anyone looking for an amazing cook/nanny/cleaner and an all-around wonderful and highly capable person to support their family in Dakar. She received her COVID-19 vaccine. She speaks French and Wolof. Please contact Bernadette at 77 523 7353 or 70 513 2314 with inquiries. Feel free to ask us questions at 77 740 9233 or email carollesimon@outlook.com. Bernadette is available immediately.


Soda was found trying to cross the Corniche all by himself. He is 5-6weeks old, eats solid food and uses the litter box. He has been dewormed and treated for fleas. He is friendly and playful, good with other cats, and loves a cuddle when he is tired.
To meet him, please call Megan on 784405962

Housekeeper/Nanny Available

Marie has worked for me for eight months. She is honest, has integrity and good judgment. She is self-directed, organized, and conscientious about hygiene. I trust her completely and she was a big help running the household while I was working. Prior to working with me, Marie worked with an American family in Dakar with two children for several years. She was entrusted with picking up and dropping off the children at school, among other things. I knew this family for a long time and I know their impression of Marie is similar to mine as they referred her to me when they moved away from Dakar at the beginning of this year.

Marie speaks and reads/writes French.

Please reach out to her directly if you or someone you know is looking for help with their home or family. She can be reached on her mobile 77 576 76 12 and by WhatsApp +221 77 745 14 44

I am also available to answer any questions you may have at tracy.kroner@gmail.com

Housekeeper/Nanny Available for PT or FT

Madame Fatima NDIAYE is available as a housekeeper and nanny, for either part-time or full-time work.  Fatima worked in a dedicated manner for our family from August 2019 until June 2020.  Her duties included maintaining a large home; assisting with childcare for two children aged 9 and 10; running errands; and purchasing and cleaning fruits and vegetables.  Fatima was very thorough in her work and was extremely productive.  She routinely took on extra tasks; stayed late for childcare, sometimes on late notice; and frequently worked overtime on weekends upon request.  She was always kind and caring with our children, and often went out of her way to do thoughtful things, such as assisting with the purchase of gifts.  We offer a high recommendation for Fatima and note that she comes with excellent references from other families with whom she has worked.

Fatima can be reached at: 77 457 7673

Please feel free to contact me with any questions about Fatima’s work. 

Megan Bradshaw. 


Highly Recommended Housekeeper/Nanny

Mary Leigh Wilson, 5/27/2021: I would like to introduce our femme de menage, Sally Diarista Badji. She has worked for us for two years and we highly recommend her! She will properly clean your fruits and vegetables, and she prepares salads as well as Senegalese and Brazilian dishes. Our sons love her yassa poulet! She is excellent with laundry and ironing and will work tirelessly in your house. She respects your privacy and is highly dependable. Please send me a PM if you are interested in meeting Sally.

Catherine Saxbe, 9/14/2021: Hello! I also want to recommend Sally! She’s worked for us the past two weeks while we look for an English-speaking nounou/femme de ménage. She is a great housekeeper and lovely person. If we spoke French or she spoke English, we’d give her a contract today. Sadly, my French is rustier than I thought. If you’re looking for an excellent French-speaking femme de ménage and/or nounou who is also a terrific cook, please call Sally. 78.273.0819.

Fantastic Nanny and Babysitter Available:   

Coumba was our babysitter during 3 years while we lived in Dakar.  She regularly took care of our 2 daughters and is a wonderful person to have around.  We were lucky to meet her shortly after our arrival in Dakar and our family immediately felt a connection with her.  Coumba regularly babysat for us evenings or weekends if we went out and sometimes would also accompany us on family outings.  It was always a pleasure and a great help to have Coumba with us.  We would have loved to hire her as a full-time nanny but at the time she was already working for a family during the week and we appreciated the fact that she respected her commitments. Bright, gentle, kind, honest, hard working and reliable, she is a pro at keeping kids occupied and happy, has lots of ideas to entertain them, including outdoor play, knows lots of songs, rhymes, stories and can read, write and play creatively with children.  We spoke French with Coumba but as she was interested in learning English we supported her to study it.  She understands English and speaks a little and continues to study it, as a result she would love to work for an English speaking family.  We have left Dakar but are still in touch with Coumba with whom we became good friends.  You can contact her at: +221 70 641 4060. If you’d like a more detailed reference or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me (juliapodevin@hotmail.com).  I can not say enough to convey how wonderful Coumba is. 

Excellent Housekeeper Available

Ida Simone is available to work full-time (prefers) or part-time.  She has worked for us for a year and has kept our house clean and orderly.  She speaks French and Wolof and is able to cook delicious local dishes. She is an excellent housekeeper, irons and folds clothes like a professional, is never late, very honest and learns new skills quickly.  Her housekeeping is immaculate.

If you have any questions contact me Jon Chasson, at 777 407 905 or email: jmchasson@yahoo.com

or contact her directly: Ida Simone 77 797 0157

Housekeeper Available Now

Ms. Yacine Dieme worked as our housekeeper for four years. She is so competent, reliable, and judicious that we referred to her as our “House Manager”, and she supervised our part-time gardener. She requires little to no oversight to plan her housekeeping duties, and she performs them to a very high standard. She’s motivated, warm, and humble. (She might tell you that she’s not a good cook, but this is absolutely not true. She cooks a wide range of Senegalese dishes; she knows how to cook dishes with moringa (“nebedai”), if that interests you. Delicious! Plus she learned to cook our favorite dishes and attended a hospitality and cooking course while working with us. She’s very eager to learn more and try new things.) 

Yacine is available now. You can reach her at 78-391-2966.

If you’d like to know more about her, don’t hesitate to contact me at mkyles@usaid.gov