Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Cook – Florence

Our housekeeper, Florence, is looking for part-time work.  She is available to work on Fridays, either as needed or on a regular basis.  She is an excellent housekeeper and cook. Her previous work experience includes four years with a Canadian family and 7 years with a French family. She also completed a one-year catering course, focusing on European cuisine. She speaks French and Wolof. You may contact her directly at 774020211. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at


Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Nanny – Marie

I would like to highly recommend Marie Diatta as a nanny and housekeeper.  She worked for us a couple of tours ago when we were in Dakar, and is still beloved by my three children.  She even went with us to the States for 6 months while my husband and I were in language training, so she has exposure to American culture and understands some English.  Since we departed, she has been working for another family (I believe with a UN organization) but would happily work for an embassy family again.  She knows many of the facilities workers and knows how to handle all manner of GSO issues at your residence.  She is a happy and helpful employee anyone would feel comfortable with in their home.  Feel free to contact me for further information (, or contact Marie directly at +221774717449, or she can be reached by email at

For Sale: Christmas Tree

Kurt Adler 7 ft. Pine Pre-Lit Multi-Colored LED Christmas Tree …Tree WAS pre-lit. The top third quit working, and the lights were removed when trying to fix it. Other two sections are 110v (U.S. voltage) and still work. Lights are LED, so low wattage, easy to put on a transformer if you want to use the existing lights, and just add an extra string for the top. Branches are bendable to fill out as desired. The tall branch at the top can be left as is for a tall tree topper, or bent down in half for a short one. $20 or 10,000 CFA. Contact Heather at

For Sale: 2015 Vespa Piaggio SuperSport 300cc

2015 Vespa Piaggio SuperSport 300cc

300cc engine, 16,000km, ABS brakes, traction control. Unique opportunity to buy an authentic Italian Vespa scooter imported from Italy. The scooter comes with a luggage rack, windshield, protective cover, helmet, and wheel lock. Carte grise also.

Sale price: 1.200.000 CFA. Call 786382928 if interested.


2015 Vespa Piaggio SuperSport 300cc

Moteur 300cc, 16,000km, freins ABS, pneu Michelin, controle de traction. Saisissez l’opportunité unique d’acheter une authentique Vespa, importée d’Italie. Le scooter est vendu avec coffre, pare-brise, couverture anti-poussière, casque, et blocage de roue. Carte grise aussi.

Je vends a 1.200.000 CFA. Appelle-moi sur 786382928.

Domestic Help: Housekeeper – Edwige

Excellent housekeeper/cook – available 2-3 days a week beginning January 2018

Edwige COLY:  77-261-8192

Edwige has worked for me (and other Embassy families) for several years now.  She currently works for me 2 days per week (Mondays & Thursdays).

She is a good housekeeper.  She is fairly good in English, speaks French and Wolof and does a great job with laundry, cleaning, dusting and will cook for me when requested.

Edwige is looking to work part-time for another person/family for the other days of the week.

She is a very pleasant person and I trust her to be in the home alone.

Call Edwige directly or contact Gary for more details at