Highly Recommended Housekeeper/Nanny

Mary Leigh Wilson, 5/27/2021: I would like to introduce our femme de menage, Sally Diarista Badji. She has worked for us for two years and we highly recommend her! She will properly clean your fruits and vegetables, and she prepares salads as well as Senegalese and Brazilian dishes. Our sons love her yassa poulet! She is excellent with laundry and ironing and will work tirelessly in your house. She respects your privacy and is highly dependable. Please send me a PM if you are interested in meeting Sally.

Catherine Saxbe, 9/14/2021: Hello! I also want to recommend Sally! She’s worked for us the past two weeks while we look for an English-speaking nounou/femme de ménage. She is a great housekeeper and lovely person. If we spoke French or she spoke English, we’d give her a contract today. Sadly, my French is rustier than I thought. If you’re looking for an excellent French-speaking femme de ménage and/or nounou who is also a terrific cook, please call Sally. 78.273.0819.