Fantastic Nanny and Babysitter Available:   

Coumba was our babysitter during 3 years while we lived in Dakar.  She regularly took care of our 2 daughters and is a wonderful person to have around.  We were lucky to meet her shortly after our arrival in Dakar and our family immediately felt a connection with her.  Coumba regularly babysat for us evenings or weekends if we went out and sometimes would also accompany us on family outings.  It was always a pleasure and a great help to have Coumba with us.  We would have loved to hire her as a full-time nanny but at the time she was already working for a family during the week and we appreciated the fact that she respected her commitments. Bright, gentle, kind, honest, hard working and reliable, she is a pro at keeping kids occupied and happy, has lots of ideas to entertain them, including outdoor play, knows lots of songs, rhymes, stories and can read, write and play creatively with children.  We spoke French with Coumba but as she was interested in learning English we supported her to study it.  She understands English and speaks a little and continues to study it, as a result she would love to work for an English speaking family.  We have left Dakar but are still in touch with Coumba with whom we became good friends.  You can contact her at: +221 70 641 4060. If you’d like a more detailed reference or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me (  I can not say enough to convey how wonderful Coumba is.