Housekeeper Available Now

Ms. Yacine Dieme worked as our housekeeper for four years. She is so competent, reliable, and judicious that we referred to her as our “House Manager”, and she supervised our part-time gardener. She requires little to no oversight to plan her housekeeping duties, and she performs them to a very high standard. She’s motivated, warm, and humble. (She might tell you that she’s not a good cook, but this is absolutely not true. She cooks a wide range of Senegalese dishes; she knows how to cook dishes with moringa (“nebedai”), if that interests you. Delicious! Plus she learned to cook our favorite dishes and attended a hospitality and cooking course while working with us. She’s very eager to learn more and try new things.) 

Yacine is available now. You can reach her at 78-391-2966.

If you’d like to know more about her, don’t hesitate to contact me at