Cook Available

We would like to recommend Anna Cisse as a cook. Anna is currently working one day a week for a USG family and is looking to work a few extra days. 

Anna worked for our family for five years as a part-time cook. She also worked for a number of other USG families as a cook and cleaner, and as the main cook in the Marine House for 13 years. She can cook a variety of American, European, Asian and Senegalese dishes. She has catered dinner parties and done grocery and market shopping and other errands. In addition to cooking, Anna used to pet sit and baby sit for USG families.

Anna speaks English, French and Wolof. She understands the implications of COVID, and can come and go, while maintaining an appropriate distance and cleaning up.

I’d be happy to speak more about Anna or you can contact her directly.

Anna 784.205.220