Anne Marie – housekeeper

Anne Marie has been our domestique for over 2 years, and prior to that the domestique for our neighbor, who could not say enough good things about her. Our recommendation can be considered like 2 for 1!
She is flexible and demonstrates good communication skills (She writes notes, writes replies, and communicates regularly also when we are out of country.) Her previous employer would comment on how resourceful she was, solving problems even while he was away.
Anne Marie is both practical and helpful, and honest about what works or what won’t work (some of my ideas would not work in Senegal!) She is trustworthy: we have left our residence for over a month and find it perfect when we return. We would have kept Anne Marie for ages had we remained in Senegal, and why her next employer is lucky to have her! 
Read her full referral letter. Anne Marie contact info: +221 770660179  //  767627457 // 772261996