Houseboy/Guard/Gardener Available: Abdoulaye Gueye

Abdoulaye has been our gardener and houseboy for three years in Dakar 2012-2015, and again for the past three years in Lagos 2018-2021. He is extraordinarily devoted, hard-working and above all honest – the reason we brought him to Lagos.  He is very devout (no alcohol) and family-oriented with a modest and agreeable character – no ‘attitude’.   As a Gardener he has kept our yard and balcony plants green and flowering, even with fairly exotic species like roses, buying and using the local pesticides and fertilizers.    He also makes up our bed/bathrooms, does the household cleaning and dusting every day, irons and knows how to use the washing machine and dryer. He is not a cook, but has basic kitchen skills beyond cleaning and washing up dishes.  He does the shopping and sterilizes fruits and vegetables, slices and chops food, uses the blender, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, etc  and has acquired such cooking skills as sautéing or boiling, setting the oven and timing dishes.  He feeds and cleans up after the dog.  Physically very strong, he is a handyman with routine household repairs and a whiz at finding local services like shoemakers and carpenters.  Above all he is extraordinarily honest.   We leave him in the house when we go on leave to make sure everything is secure.  He is literate (makes/reads lists) and speaks French (plus Wolof of course) and basic English, which has improved with use in Nigeria.  He has a Senegalese driver’s license but has not driven for us.

Availability:  As of  Aug. 1.   He will be with us here in Lagos until the end of July, though he could arrive earlier in Dakar if definitely needed. 

Your name, cell #, & email address:    Contact Beatrice and Tom Hart (in Lagos) at US Vonage number (703)-349-6127 and until July 31.  Then we retire to in the US at (321)-271-8136.  Abdoulaye himself should be reachable when he arrives in Dakar at 776143853