Hadja Diallo -housekeeper, cook, and nanny

Hadja Diallo has served four years as our housekeeper, cook, and nanny.  She successfully manages all the housework for our large six-bedroom, six-bathroom home.  She manages her time and tasks independently and seems to know what we need before we know ourselves!  She is an excellent cook with a wide variety of dishes, from chicken tikka masala to stir fries to pasta dishes to excellent Senegalese specialties. She is always looking to expand her repertoire, researching new recipes online, and is very responsive to all requests.  Hadja can also do special treats for parties, like simosas and beignets.  Beyond housecleaning and cooking, her duties included regular shopping, laundry, and ironing. Hadja is a loving and playful nanny – the kids have a ball with her!  She is also talented at braiding hair which saved us many trips to the salon.  She is fluent in French, Wolof, and Pulaar and understands some English. She has great interpersonal skills and is a pleasure to work with. For more information you can email Amy at quinn.amy@gmail.com or reach out to Hadja on whatsapp 706165693 or text/phone 77-432-2451.