Binta Sagna- nanny

Binta Sagna- nanny, great with kids (I have 4 boys, youngest 11 month old, oldest is 9 years old). Her main job is caring for the kids, feeding/showering them, and getting them through their daily routine. She works M-F 7:30am to 7pm, always on time and reliable. She is willing to stay in evenings or sleepover when we have needed her to do so a handful of times. She also does some light cleaning, laundry, and sous-chef duties (cleaning/cutting vegies, I do the main cooking). We pay her 160,000 cfa per month (you’ll find this is well below market value) total, and this includes all transport and taxes/benefits that need to go to the government. We are the first American family she has worked with but she has worked for decades in the European community. She is from Casamance, most of the help are from this region. Her number is +221 775025319.

For additional information, please contact her employer Yikee Adje at or