Housekeeper: Therese Lou

Therese was been employed by our family as a housekeeper/ cook for a year and 3 months, and it was difficult for us to move on without her! Therese is a meticulous cleaner, with great attention to detail through her own initiative. She schedules herself responsibly to regularly tend to the household- weekly cleaning out of the refrigerator and pantry, cleaning the outdoor patio, scheduling laundry, sheets, and ironing. Therese is always flexible and accommodating with regards to her schedule, staying if she has work that has not been finished, or later if we need her. She arrived to work at 6:30 in the mornings so that she could prepare our families lunches for school and work, and help with breakfast in the morning. Our mornings were so much smoother with her around to help make sure everything was ready to go and on time! Therese is a very capable cook, some of our favorites have been her amazing crepes and homemade mini pizzas- she is comfortable cooking African, French, and American foods. On days or weeks that are less organized than others, Theresa is able to adjust, getting groceries when needed and coming up with meal plans that the whole family will enjoy. While Therese worked in our house in conjunction with a nanny, I feel confident that she could be very helpful for families with children that might need her to step in with some childcare responsibilities. Therese was completely trustworthy when it comes to home security, belongings, and our children. Therese stayed in our home for our home leave, and took great care of our dog and cat who loved her dearly. Therese speaks French. Please contact me with any questions you might have at Alternatively, please feel free to contact Therese at 77-293-1865