Housekeeper – Elodie

To whom it may concern,

We are happy to strongly recommend our housekeeper of over four years, Elodie. She has over a decade of experience as a housekeeper in US Embassy communities throughout West Africa, including multiple families in Dakar.

Your gain is our loss, as we tried to bring Elodie with us from Niger to Zambia (she came with us from Senegal to Niger.) Unfortunately, we were unable to gain a visa for her in Zambia. We trust her implicitly. She has excellent attention to detail and will adapt to your home quickly. She is very experienced in every aspect of running a household smoothly and requires no supervision. She knows the process of bleaching fruits and vegetables, she ensures the floors are always clean, and she knows how to operate washers and dryers. She is skilled at getting stains out of anything and everything – she has rescued multiple clothing items that I thought our toddler had stained beyond repair. She is also familiar with how to care for Embassy furniture.

Her responsibilities would also include shopping for groceries and household items. Since she has spent so long in the Embassy community, she would often liaise with maintenance personnel (as needed and with our permission) to proactively address issues in our house.

She reads and speaks English well and is fluent in French. She can make English-language recipes with minimal assistance and is a great cook (make sure to ask her to make her banana bread for you).

Elodie has completely earned our trust. She has cared for our large dog while we have been out of the country and has helped raise our daughter. She is a hard worker who will always go the extra mile.

Please feel free to contact me us at or WhatsApp at (+260966264506) or if you have any questions. Elodie can be reached directly at +221 770132522.


Chelsea and Harry Oppenheim