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MARIAMA – Nanny, Chef & House Manager

Mariama N’dour worked as a nanny, chef and house manager for our family from August 2017 to December 2020.

Mariama’s primary duties were to take care of our children (currently ages 5 and 7), which she did with undeniable grace and patience.  She has excellent judgement, helps with their homework and manages schedules with precision.  She an ever-patient yet firm disciplinarian, whose values of self-reliance, open communication and empathy.  She plays with genuine enthusiasm and our children love her.

Mariama runs the household and we trust her with money for groceries and other items, which she accounts for in ledger books.  She has great initiative and a network of suppliers, so has solved countless challenges for us.  She makes sure supplies are delivered and bills paid.  She is punctual reliable, discreet, and a hard worker.

Mariama is an excellent chef!!!  She plans meals for the family and caters both fun or formal dinner parties.  Her cooking is varied, from local to European, Asian and fusion meals, and deserts that leave you begging for more.  She is sought after by friends and colleagues looking to impress!  She is always keen to have the opportunity to sharpen her skills with new recipes.

Mariama does not speak English, but understands it well.

Her next employer is lucky to have her. They will be hiring not only an excellent nanny who will raise their children with love and caring discipline, they will be hiring a trustworthy, reliable and gracious soul.  We are available to answer questions at (Whatsapp +1-343-777-3476) or (Whatsapp +1-613-255-3690).

Mariama can be reached directly at 77 568 8514.