Housekeeper ad- Rabi

RABI – Housekeeper

It is with great pleasure that we write this recommendation for Rabi Dieme, who worked as a housekeeper and nanny from August 2017 until December 2020.

Rabi’s primary responsibilities were to clean and maintain the house as well as do laundry and iron clothes.  She executed these tasks with expert professionalism, requiring minimal direction.  She was also responsible for taking care of our children (ages 5 and 7) after their return from school.  Our children love her, particularly as she consistently found creative approaches to turn seemingly boring routine tasks into games. 

Her sense of collegiality and teamwork is admirable.  She is discreet and kind.  She also took excellent care of our Labrador dog.  During our time together, Rabi consistently demonstrated excellent time management as she was successful in completing all of her tasks while also showing flexibility to accommodate sudden changes of direction.  Rabi was frequently available to work overtime. 

Without question, Rabi is an honest and reliable individual. She is a very hard worker.  Perhaps her most admirable quality is her positive attitude to life and the care that she extends to her colleagues and to our family, children and parents alike.

Rabi speaks French very clearly, but does not speak English.

We are available to answer questions at (Whatsapp +1-343-777-3476) or (Whatsapp +1-613-255-3690).

Rabi is available at 77424 5110.