Part-time housekeeper available January 2021

Rose Bassene has been my part-time housekeeper since January 2019. During that time, she has done an amazing job – my house always sparkles on days she is there! She also took fantastic care of my two cats whenever I went away on vacation. She is reliable, friendly, responsible, and hard-working. She cleans my apartment, does my laundry, will wash/prep food for me, and more!  

She took great care of my apartment while I was on G/AD and was able to resolve several maintenance issues for me (including when my apartment’s A/C flooded my apartment a few times!). She has worked for Embassy families for years, so she knows all the FAC people and is a great middle person for any maintenance issues. She only speaks French/Wolof, but her French is easy to understand and she is very patient with my bad French! 

She would be available starting in mid-January. She is looking for somebody who wants a housekeeper two days a week – you would be “sharing” her services with two other Embassy employees.  She currently works for me on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me at the email address below should you have any questions, or contact Rose directly if you would like to speak with her to set up an interview. I cannot recommend her enough!  

April Conway – +221 781 68 5811
Rose Bassene – +221 776 56 6740