Nanny/Housekeeper available

Valerie Badiane was our family’s nanny and housekeeper from April 2015 to October 2019. During that time, she took outstanding care of our family in Senegal, Cameroon, and the United States. Valerie was always professional, reliable, responsible, hard-working, honest, and easy to live with. We recommend her enthusiastically for childcare and housekeeping positions with American or international families. 

Our twins were 18 months when Valerie started working with us. Taking care of twins is not an easy task but Valerie discharged her duties responsibly, lovingly, and calmly. Valerie has boundless patience and understanding and a soothing personality — invaluable attributes when caring for small children. Besides keeping the children well fed, clean, and safe, she enjoyed playing and drawing with them (Our children love Valerie and she is still today their favorite playmate). Valerie’s responsibilities also included preparing the children for pre-school and ensuring they had their lunch boxes and school materials as well as accompanying them to play dates and activities. She was always organized, on time, and exercised excellent judgment. We trusted Valerie to take care of the children when they were ill, take their temperature, measure and administer medication per the doctor’s instructions, and keep us informed of their progress. She also traveled with us when necessary and proved to be a pleasant and helpful travel companion. 

Valerie was also a great housekeeper and cook. She kept our house clean and organized and learned to cook delicious dishes for our family. Not only did Valerie learn the recipes I taught her but she showed initiative by looking for delicious recipes online to vary our meals. She also baked cakes and muffins for the children. During her time with us in Senegal and Cameroon, Valerie took courses on kitchen hygiene at the Embassy and learned how to clean our water filters.

Valerie’s willingness to learn new skills is evidenced by her efforts to improve her English language skills.. When she started working with us, Valerie spoke basic English, which she had briefly studied at the University of Dakar. During her almost four years with our family, she assiduously attended English classes during her free time. Valerie’s native French and working-level English will be an asset to any American family. 

Valerie traveled with us from post to post, including to Washington DC. As a result, she has a valid Senegalese passport and qualified for a visa to accompany us to the United States. Valerie always respected the terms of her visa and contract, and departed the United States according to the terms of her visa. We were very sad to see her go but the children were already big enough to attend school full time and she was eager to return to Dakar with her family. 

We cannot speak highly enough of Valerie’s character and skills, and we hope that she will find an amazing family deserving of her kindness and hard work. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the email addresses below shall you have any questions. 

Nitza Sola-Rotger, 

Valerie can be reach at +221 778 00464 or