Wonderful Housekeeper/Nanny/Cook Available

Hello everyone at Embassy Dakar. We are reposting this ad for our wonderful nanny because she got a job very quickly after we initially posted it but the family who hired her has decided they’re not comfortable having someone working in their home during covid. We want to support our second-to-none house manager/nanny/housekeeper, Stella Assine, in finding a new position however, so we’re back :).

Stella has been with us for the past three years and is by far, the best person we’ve ever employed. She is warm, generous, hardworking and kind and our girls absolutely adore her, so much so that we asked her to come with us to our next post but also knew that she is a dedicated mother herself (to her two kids, ages 6 and 11) and that it would most likely not be a possibility. She is also reliable, punctual, detail-oriented, very trustworthy and always has our best interests at heart.

Stella is looking for a full-time nanny and/or housekeeping position in Dakar. She is wonderful with our children (ages 6 and 8) (but is also not a pushover), does all of the grocery shopping, is an excellent cook (and can make both non-vegetarian and vegetarian meals), always keeps our home looking great, helps the kids with their (French) schoolwork, oversees any work carried out at our residence by the Embassy, and runs our kids around to all their various activities/picks them up from school.

Anyone who hires her will be so lucky as she is just a lovely, kind, hard-working person. She worked for another FS family prior to us and is still in contact with them as well (and they visited Stella in Dakar at one point a year or two ago). If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to email me at kabe0602@gmail.com. She can also be reached at +221 776569514. Stella speaks French, Wolof and has done a great job communicating with my husband who speaks very limited French in a sort of French-English hybrid.