Part-time Housekeeper

We would like to recommend our housekeeper, Ephigenie Djiboune for part-time work (1-2 days per week). Ephigenie is a mature, competent, steady and reliable housekeeper who worked for us for over two years. Two days a week, she made a thorough job of all of our cleaning, mopping, vacuuming and ironing. In addition, she took care of the hygiene needs generated by our five cats and took excellent care of them entirely whenever we were away.

Ephigenie seemed sensitive to any issues or problems arising among our pets and communicated them to us. She was also well able to communicate with GSO and other embassy staff directed to our residence.
Ephigenie has a pleasant, cheerful demeanor, speaks French and Wolof and is highly recommended for an employee or small family requiring part-time help (full days only, please).

You can contact Ephigenie directly on 70 454 9886.

Email if you’d like more information.