Housekeeper/Nanny Available

Therese Gomis has worked for US Embassy families for over 35 years and has a reputation as one of the best housekeepers and nannies in Dakar. For the last five and half years she took care of all our household needs including cleaning, laundry, cooking and taking care of our two children (now 2 and 5) since they were born. She is hardworking, trustworthy and all-round just great at her work. We brought her with us to our current post in Bangkok but she recently had to return home to renew her passport. Due to the current situation her imminent return to Thailand is unlikely. 

She is an awesome cook and baker, has single handedly catered for numerous functions for former employers, some who were senior level Embassy staff. Her side business is baking, mostly wedding and birthday cakes for both locals and internationals. She speaks, reads and writes English very well and loves to read cookbooks for new recipe inspirations. 

She is well worth paying more than average salary for domestic help as she is arguably way above average in terms of skills, quality and performance. It will be obvious from the moment you meet her and demonstrated from her first day at work. 

We are still hoping to bring her back to Bangkok but will be happy to let her go if someone makes her a fair offer of employment in Dakar that she is happy with. She can be contacted directly on 076-691-0376 or 

For a more detailed reference, feel free to contact Richard at