Housekeeper AND Nanny Available

Housekeeper & Nanny recommendation! Please note that our housekeeper and nanny are mother and daughter: they are fine working independently, but in my opinion make a great team if you are looking for a housekeeper and a nanny since one can easily cover for the other. 

I highly recommend our housekeeper Fatoumata Bassene. She worked with us for three years, doing everything to keep our household tidy and running smoothly. Her daily duties included cleaning, doing laundry, making the beds, prepping and cooking meals, running errands (grocery shopping, dry-cleaning, helping me find special ingredients, fish, or anything else we asked), and any other special tasks (deep cleaning the patio, windows, fridge, etc). She also regularly babysat our two very young kids when our nanny was unavailable. Super hard-working, never called in sick, takes direction well, and goes about her day with minimal supervision (I am not a micromanager!). French speaking, but understands some English. Available now. Email me at or call her directly at 76 4712952 or 77 4377672. 

I highly recommend our nanny, Aminata Badji. She worked with us for the past three years taking care of our two kids who were 3 months and 2 years old when we arrived. She is young, energetic, amazing with the kids and has so much patience and love for them. Her duties included picking them up from school, taking them to playdates, playing with them, reading and doing activities with them, feeding them, and bathing them. She regularly babysits at night or spends the night and is always available when we need her. She took the emergency training with the embassy Med unit and was with me when l had to call SOS Medicin twice to get emergency stitches for our son. She also took swim lessons with our kids! She came with our family to Washington DC for the months of June and July, but is now back in Dakar and available for a new position. Speaks French and some English. Email me at or call her directly at 77 0100061.