2nd School Nurse – International School of Dakar – JOB ANNOUNCEMENT

Position Description:

The School Nurse will work in conjunction with the Primary School Nurse to provide and coordinate the medical and health services required for the school as an institution, with the central purpose of serving medical, health and emergency responses and treatment for students, faculty and staff.  The main components of services to the institution include maintaining all health records and documents required of students, communicating information regarding emergencies and treatments to the teachers, parents and administrators concerned, and communicating with the school community regarding health advice and requirements through the school newsletter.  Services also include meeting with teachers regarding individual health plans for students and attending regular faculty meetings.  This is a key professional position in the school, which should be performed with the alertness of medical services that are at the ready at all times.


  • Current license to practice professional nursing.
  • Current CPR certification (for example from American Heart Association, American Red Cross, or equivalent).
  • Three year’s experience as a registered nurse is preferred, with additional experience and specialization in a school setting a plus.
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not a requirement.

Additional preferable skills

  • Knowledge of French and Wolof 
  • Good understanding of tropical diseases and their impact in tropic environment.
  • Versed in the latest international medical developments. 

Duties, Functions and Tasks: 

  • Serve as a resource to faculty in all matters relating to medical and health issues.
  • Initiate, organize and assist in screening programs, such as blood pressure screening, and provide follow up on the hearing and vision screening conducted by the school, as well as monitoring student’s growth and weight statistics. 
  • Provide students and staff with first aid care, maintaining a level of vigilance and presence to deal with arising emergencies at all times.  Provide information to staff and administration regarding any backup required during a period of absence from the nurse’s office.
  • Due attention to providing Tender Loving Care and patience with patients is a given in daily practice.
  • Communicate with administration, teachers and parents through appropriate means (and documents) any major medical emergencies, head injuries, dangerous and particularly any life threatening events ASAP, including requesting their assistance in obtaining emergency medical responders.  Principals, teachers involved with the particular student, and the student’s parents should all be contacted and receive communication regarding the situation.  First, care for the emergency needs first, second, communicate as needed for additional assistance, and, third, communicate the background and pertinent information once care has been provided.  Use professional judgment to determine steps where flexibility is needed. 
  • Maintain current and accurate health records on all students
  • Obtain parent permission and a medical doctor’s instructions regarding any prescription drugs to be administered by the nurse at school
  • Students should not take drugs independently of the school nurse, who should dispense all medications in person to students
  • Assess and carry out health screening to assure students’ progress and development
  • Maintain and order annual medical supplies in coordination with the business office
  • Serve as school liaison with parents/local medical facilities in regard to medical emergencies and pertinent matters.
  • Maintain a contact list of medical facilities, doctors, psychiatrists, emergency responders and ambulance services
  • Compile in August and update regularly a medical emergency list which is given to faculty and administration
  • Produce and distribute at the beginning of the year an emergency medical information sheet to inform classroom teachers of medical issues involving their students (particularly matters such as peanut allergies, asthma, and similar issues).  Regularly check student records, especially for incoming students, for updates on these issues. 
  • Participate with school staff in the development and delivery of total school health programs, this includes providing classroom lessons on various medical concerns and sex education
  • Advise principals and staff on health matters, particularly in regard to individual student’s health issues and needs
  • Advise the school parent community on health matters and issues regularly in the Jaguar Journal, including information on topics such as early childhood threshold dates for immunizations, good dietary practices, rest and exercise routines.  Also anticipate and address news of impending epidemics such as Measles outbreaks, Bird Flu and Ebola Fever, as well as infections or infestations of viruses, parasites and worms among students on campus
  • Advise staff and administration on appropriate measures to be taken in the event of the risk of communicable diseases endangering the community
  • Prepare and submit various reports as required by the administrative staff
  • Participate in staff in-service and training activities
  • Advise administrative personnel in regard to appropriate exclusion and readmission of students in matters of communicable diseases
  • Take a proactive approach to further development of the services needed by the school community regarding the improvement of health services
  • Perform additional duties as assigned

This is a full time Local Hire position.  The nurse should be in the office at the start of the school day, thirty minutes before classes begin, and remain on duty during the school’s after-school activities and sports programs.  Any further assistance for coverage of events such as field trips and sports tournaments should be anticipated and discussed with administration to assure continuous availability, particularly in the event of needing to hire additional medical personnel for the events. 

Interested applicants should send a letter of Interest and resume to the HR Manager marylenem@faculty.isd.sn

Applications must be submitted by August 24, 2020