Fantastic Nanny Available for Employment

We wholeheartedly recommend our nanny, Jeannette Manga, for a follow-on position. Jeannette has worked with our family for over three years, starting when our two girls were 3 years old and 6 months respectively. Prior to that she worked for multiple other U.S. Embassy and expatriate families, with over 25 years total experience working with children of all ages including extensive experience with babies. She has completed the U.S. Embassy domestic training course on childcare and food safety and preparation. 

Throughout her term of employment Jeannette was always punctual and reliable, usually arriving early and frequently staying beyond her scheduled hours without being asked. We trusted her completely and our daughters adored and will greatly miss her. She routinely engaged them in songs, games, books and other enrichment activities and also took them to/from school and various outside activities as requested. While we opted to employ a separate housekeeper/cook, Jeannette was proactive in assisting with cleaning and laundry as needed and is happy to consider a post in a dual housekeeper/nanny role. Jeannette has a flexible schedule and was always willing to work overtime or adjust hours as needed. She speaks fluent French and Wolof and understands and speaks a little bit of English.  Aside from being great with children, she is also comfortable around animals and regularly assisted in walking/ taking care of our dog.

In the current COVID-19 environment, Jeannette has been conscientious about social distancing and is happy to take any/all precautions requested by her employer. She also is willing to consider a temporary live-in arrangement if desired.

Jeannette is available starting in early August for full-time work and can be contacted via phone/whatsapp at. +221 77 5444586.  Please also feel free to reach out to with any questions.