Housekeeper Available

Prudence is a WONDERFUL housekeeper. She is the housekeeper that I wish I had found when I first arrived in Dakar. I do not have to keep an eye on her or watch everything she does. In fact she’s a little more detailed when it comes to doing things than I am. I can ask her to do anything, explain why I like something a particular way and never have to worry about it being done differently. She is happy to cook and do meal prep. She’s efficient and proactive in keeping things orderly and organized. For example I asked her to put everything on bookcases into boxes and when I brought additional boxes for the remaining items, she finished putting them in the boxes without prompting. If she sees something that she thinks may need to be organized or put away it will be done before you know it. My dog loves her and she loves my dog. She’s always fixing any little issue she finds in my clothes, be it a loose button or a hole. Thankfully, I don’t own anything that was purchased with rips otherwise it would be repaired. She lets me know immediately if there’s a problem such as no water or electricity. She has handled vet appointments and deliveries for me. She escorts anyone that enters for repairs and reports back. Given the current environment, she spoke with the guards, took them hand soap, explained the importance of wearing masks and washing hands and yells at them if they aren’t wearing one. She is available at the end of August. If you have any questions you can contact me at or contact her directly at +221-77-718-2577.