Housekeeper Available

Marieme is a Senegalese housekeeper with a very pleasant personality. She’s available immediately for full-time employment. She cooks, cleans, irons and walks dogs. She will work well for a family or a single. She will take on tasks outside regular cleaning and laundry if asked. She does a wonderful job with laundry and ironing especially not overusing the starch. She’s always happy to learn and cook new dishes. She is a well-rounded housekeeper, has communicated in Wolof with vendors for me when they didn’t speak French, paid bills and has found those hard to find items. She is very comfortable around dogs. She is a lovely person, and hard working.  She speaks French, Wolof and understands a fair amount of English. She also follows recipes in French. She has worked for embassy families in the past and is available to work immediately. Please contact her directly at +221-77-437-3132.