2004 3-door 4WD Diesel Silver(ish) Toyota Prado (Diplomat Purchase only)

Great around the town/ back and forth to work car

(Diplomat Purchase only)

The car has high clearance and is great for parking in small spots. It is Fun to drive, think of a go-cart on steroids with a better turning radius. Manual transmission, and low KM.

The pluses:

· New tires

· Rebuilt engine

· Recently repaired undercarriage

· AC works great, belt needs to be adjusted and squeals when first turned on

· New battery and rebuilt alternator

The minuses:

· Cracked windshield (won’t prevent passing inspection), was told before we were departed that it would cost about $200 for a new one.

· Cracked driver side mirror (see below)

· Car sounds like a generator (thank the strong diesel engine)

· It has the usual Dakar scrapes, dings, washed out paint, etc.

Available now, first $1800 (duty free) takes this beauty home. We will throw in a replacement mirror for free: https://www.amazon.com/CRUISER-Heated-Electric-Driver-Mirror/dp/B07G9CK46C/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=prado+driver+side+mirror&qid=1590674181&sr=8-3 Contact BJ with questions or a test drive bjcameron11@gmail.com