Bintou Sane has worked with us for the last three+ years and has been a trusted member of household. She asked from the beginning for feedback and has always been honestly open to our comments. She herself set the norm and it worked well. She cleaned, ironed and cooked for us. In addition to her great Yassa Poulet and Asian dishes, she now can make a range of Mexican dishes from fish tacos to enchiladas, salsa, etc. Yum! She would love to cook (she also likes to bake) and nanny again for another family, as she loves kids. We did not need her as a nanny, but can vouch that she was lovely with our family members. She would also take care of the house and pet sit while we were on leave. We entrusted her to manage a house budget and oversee payment of salaries to other staff members and vendors. She always tracked receipts and kept us up to date. Bintou speaks French, Wolof and understands/speaks basic English. Due to our abrupt departure this month, she is available immediately. Bintou is seeking full time work as a housekeeper/nanny/cook and can be reached at +221 77 534-9921 or email at:

Here is her previous reference.

I highly recommend Bintou Sane as a cook and housekeeper. Bintou has worked for American Embassy families since 2002 and has the flexibility and experience to manage all aspects of household and family care. She worked for us from 2014 to 2016 and was responsible for cleaning the house, shopping for food, taking care of the children, doing the laundry, and cooking meals. While she was very good at all of these tasks, she excelled at cooking, which was our priority. She is now very skilled at cooking Asian food, particularly Indian and Thai curries and Chinese stir fry dishes. She also prepares very good American dishes. She knows a wide variety of meals for children and adults, and she is eager to learn new recipes or adapt ones she already knows to your family’s taste. Bintou’s exceptional cooking skills enabled us to host

dinner parties two or three times per month, which were always perfectly timed and delicious. Bintou is honest, we would give her money to shop at the local grocery store and receive vendors once a week. Bintou is excellent with children. My girls (ages 8 and 10 in 2016) loved spending time with her. Bintou has been certified by the American Embassy and has taken the household help training several times. She speaks French, Wolof and some English and understands far more.

For more information call +1 413 5720720

Personal Email Address: