Welcome to Dakar! Now what?: A Repost from Senegal Daily Blog

Shared with permission by our friends at Senegal Daily (https://senegaldaily.wordpress.com/)
*Senegal Daily is a great resource for information to get you acquainted with Senegal and discover its treasures!


1. Get a SIM card, preferably (in my opinion) from Orange as you can then get Orange Money which will make life much easier in the long run.

2. Figure out taking a taxi. 🚖. Agree on a price before you get in, know that most destinations will be in the 1000-3000 cfa range and bargaining is normal. Seatbelts are not. 😄

3. Check out Dakar Eats. Facebook, Instagram or website. Pick your poison. Or all three! Note that summer will be quiet on good ol’ DE, but lots of good info in the archives.

4. Get the Jumia Food app on your phone. For nights you just can’t bring yourself to cook… bingo. My top recommendation: Francesca’s pizza.

5. Got kids? Request to join Parents in Dakar.

6. Pause. You’ve just arrived in a new city that is home to 4 million people. This is going to take time and that’s okay. Give yourself some grace and patience.

7. Order from Marie’s Kitchen, Veronique’s Peanuts and Diami Delivers and experience the best of Dakar arriving at your door.

8. Need a place where everybody knows you’re name and they’re always glad you came? For me, this place has been the International Christian Fellowship of Dakar. I hope you find it the same for you(r family). Kids programs are off for summer, but back in August!

9. Join DKR Water & Power Cuts so you can track whether the whole country is running on generators or just your little corner of Dakar. Also good for knowing when water is expected to return to your faucet. 💦

10. Feeling brave? Not too overwhelmed? If so, read this. If you are overwhelmed, read this.