Nanny/ cook/housekeeper available

Our sitter, Vivian, has been taking care of our three kids for more than two years. I found her on the DakarCLO website – she has worked for many embassy families in the past. Vivian is Cameroonian and speaks English and French. She is reliable and absolutely unflappable even with our three active kids. She takes them to playdates and activities across town, makes friends with other nannies and has never missed a single day of work. She also has never once turned down the chance for extra hours, and has spent the night when we both were out of town to care for the kids. She has letters of recommendation from past families and is certified in domestic training by the US Embassy. Vivian can follow recipes to a T – she also makes vegetarian food – and regularly looks through American cookbooks for recipes to make on her own. We send her to the market for ingredients. She makes payments for us for tutors and groceries and we trust her with any amount of money. She has been a housekeeper/nanny in the past (our office is in our home so we have a separate housekeeper employed by my workplace – I’m the New York Times reporter in Dakar). Besides being rock solid as a nanny, she is a genuinely lovely person – I have yet to see her in a bad mood. Other parents in our neighborhood Fenetre Mermoz and beyond can attest to her character. She can be reached on whatsapp or mobile at +221 77 373 34 66 and I can provide a reference at or whatsapp +221 77 569 4444.