Excellent Housekeeper available mid-June

Excellent Housekeeper Available Mid-June

Marie Sowe has been my family’s part-time housekeeper for the past year (she worked for another American family concurrently) and is the best housekeeper we have had.  She is exceptionally hard working and proactive.  Marie does cleaning, laundry, ironing and clothing repairs in addition to select grocery shopping and general food prep.  She is warm, trustworthy and reliable.  Marie previously worked as a nanny for another American family for 4 years.  She is proficient in French and Wolof and speaks a little English. She is available either part-time or full time.  I am happy to highly recommend this hard working lady!      

Marie can be reached at +221-77-627-7705.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, Alex, at slonkoaml@gmail.com