Housekeeper available mid-June

Domestic Help: Nanny/ Housekeeper- Fatime Ndiaye

Fatime Ndiaye has been an essential asset to our household for about nearly 12 months that she has worked for us in Dakar.  She has proven herself to be the most dependable employee and trustworthy.

She has worked with American families for over 10 years and comes very highly recommended, not only by me, but her previous employees also.  She can provide letters of recommendation that were previously prepared for her.  You can direct her to do things around your house and she will often take the initiative to complete other tasks, as she sees need attention.  Her childcare skills are impeccable, her ironing skills are excellent, good job cleaning, and she can cook, although this not part of the tasks I asked of her. She has shown up on time everyday and has only taken one sick day in total that she’s been with me.

Fatime will be available when we depart Dakar mid June. You are welcome to contact her now, so that she will not have a long lapse in employment.  She speaks fluent French and Wolof. She also speaks and understands basic English which is how I communicate with her. She can be reached at mobile #: +221.70.866.1656 or +221-77-457-7673

She had a security background check conducted summer 2017 and has had the MED Unit basic training session offered by the U.S.Embassy Dakar. She will be available starting June 2019

If you have any questions, contact