Housekeeper & Cook available immediately


I am sending you a recommendation for my cook/housekeeper Rokhaya Sene.  Since I am leaving next week she is available immediately, and can be reached at 77 539 3561 or 70 465 3569


If anyone wants to contact me as a reference, I would be more than happy to reply.  My personal email is


She is extremely highly recommended!!


Andy Earle-Richardson

Peace Corps Medical Officer

Dakar, Senegal




Recommendation for Household Help

U.S. Mission, Dakar Senegal


Name of Employee: Rokhaya Sene       Date: January 30, 2019


Type of Service: Cook and Housekeeper


Nationality/Date Place of Birth: Senegalese, Senegal


Current Employer: Andrew Earle-Richardson


Duration of employment & date available for onward work:  3 years, immediately


Hours per week: 40-50


Salary: 125,000 – 150,000


Number & ages of employer’s children (if applicable) N/A


English Speaking/Reading:  _____Excellent  _____Good  _____Some   X  N/A

French Speaking/ Reading:  ___X__Excellent  _____Good  _____Some  _____N/A


Recommendation: __XX___Superior  _____High  _____Good  _____Adequate


Comments: Please be honest and specific (include any special duties and past experience).


Rokhaya is a remarkable cook and housekeeper.  She is super smart and reliable.  She kept the house spotless, did our laundry, ironing, shopping, and even house-sat when we went away for extended periods.  She loves cooking.  She specializes in brochettes, Veggie lasagne, exotic pizza, Garlic and spice roast chicken, frites, and (of course) makes a killer yassa, Mafe, or Thieboudienne.   She is super scrupulous with money/receipts/etc… You will be glad you hired her.