Domestic Help: Nanny- Bintou Bangoura

Bintou Bangoura used to work for the HRO in Bamako (2014-2016) and was their trusted nanny for two years. She took great care of their twins who were three years old and were almost five years old when they departed post. She is very aware of good hygiene practices and helped with housekeeping duties, as well as cooking, laundry, etc. She was responsible for all things related to their children, their laundry, food preparation, child care while on travel and on play dates, etc. She was fully capable and proactive in ensuring the well-being of their children.

After the HRO’s family departure from Bamako, Bintou worked for another American family (not affiliated with the embassy). Overall, she has worked for them for two years.  The family moved to Dakar last year and asked her to move with them. She has been taking care of their children who were six months and two years when she started working with them. Now the kids are two years and four years old.

The family is moving back to the US on July 1st. She will be ready to start working on July 2nd.

Please feel free to contact Fatoumata Bathily at or 78-526-6289 for more information or contact Bintou directly at 77-335-3613