Domestic Help: Nanny- Susanne

We are leaving Senegal and wish we could take our amazing, sweet and reliable nanny Susanne. She just radiates joy and genuinely enjoys working with babies and kids. She is creative in inventing games and activities, is very patient and great at making my son giggle and roll over with laughter. Susanne has worked with us for a year, taking excellent care of our baby boy since he was 4 months old. Before us, she worked with an American family for 4 years and did US embassy courses on hygiene, safety etc. Before that, she was employed by a Dutch family for 7 years. Susanne is so sweet, smart, and trustworthy that I have not once worried when I had to leave my baby with her and go to the office. Not once! She goes on and organizes playdates, goes out to the market, cleans while baby naps and cooks upon request and can stay occasional nights for babysitting. She makes our lives so much easier without us really noticing. Please contact me for questions and more details. We are leaving in July so that month or August would be ideal for her. Ideally we’d find her a family that will stay a while because she is very sad that we are leaving after just one year as she has already such an intense bond with our son, it is heartbreaking really.

If interested please contact Meike Keldenich at 77 289 3991 or at