Domestic Help: Housekeeper/Nanny – Amy

I would like to recommend Amy Gning to any family who is looking for a helper at home.

I have known Amy for 20 years now. She was our helper before my family left Senegal and we have kept in touch since . Now that I am back in Senegal and working at the Embassy , her little sister has become my helper at home .

Amy is first of all very intelligent. She takes initiative and takes care of the home as her own. She presents herself very well. She is clean , cooks well and keeps the house tidy. She has 2 children ( teens) of her own and is great with children . She is patient and really fun to be around . I still have many fond memories of us doing random things together when I was younger .

She is trustworthy as she has worked over the years for many officials without any issues . She is respectful of authority and is proud of a job well done .

I highly recommend her to your family . Amy will not only be your helper in the house but you will come to see her as a part of your family .

For more information or to contact Amy, email me at