Domestic Help: Housekeeper, Nanny, Cook – Ami Sagne

Housekeeper, Nanny, Cook – Ami Sagne

Ami Sagne is seeking a part-time position as a housekeeper, nanny, or cook.  She is flexible and can to work with your schedule.   Ami worked for me part time on a schedule that wasn’t always as routine as most would like.  She was always flexible and always prompt! Ami is very trustworthy, honest, and timely and she is extremely flexible and hardworking. She took excellent care of my young daughter, making her meals, playing with her, reading stories, singing to her, etc.  My daughter was delighted every time she saw Ami!  She’s also very good with pets, Ami was extremely affectionate with our dog.  She knows Dakar well and where to get good deals shopping for you and is able to cook excellent Senegalese food and some very good Western dishes.  I’ve also employed her to do a lot of domestic stuff, such as tidying up the house, washing and ironing clothes, and properly washing fruits and vegetables in bleach.  She has taken the med unit food safety and basic first aid courses from the Embassy and has a good understanding of most of the typical Embassy systems for conducting maintenance to your house. Ami speaks French, Wolof and limited English.  She also has a special talent for making beautiful purses and shoes which comes in handy after a trip to HLM! 


You can call her directly at 77.216.7090. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have; as should be apparent, Ami has my highest recommendation as a great domestic employee.  Heidi Borman