Domestic Help: Housekeeper

Wonderful Housekeeper/Cook

Madeleine has been working with American Embassy families for over 15 years as a housekeeper and also occasional nanny. She has been with us for the past 2 years and has been a pleasure to have working in our home and taking care of our family. She is comfortable with house pets and used to walk her previous employers big, rowdy dogs around the neighbourhood, and has been looking after our cats. She also cooks, and can follow recipes. Madeleine is always very positive and sweet, and we would really like to find her a place to work after we leave. She could start in August part time, while we transition out, and then move to full time, but this is all negotiable and our priority is to find her work.

Please contact me on, or contact Madeleine directly on 781329732


Excellent Nanny/Housekeeper

Elizabeth (Eli) has been our full time nanny since our son was 3 months old, and is currently looking for work as either a nanny or housekeeper after I leave on August 4th. Prior to that she worked for another Embassy family for four years, looking after their son from birth until they departed post. She is extremely patient with children and is more than happy to do activities like finger painting and reading if provided with materials. She will also take care of any potty training, go to baby playdates during the afternoons at people’s houses, Ebbetts, etc., and will work evenings and weekends. We’ve been very happy with her and are eager to place her with another family soon so that she can continue working without a gap after I leave. 

Please contact me on or contact Eli directly on 770808004.