Domestic Help: Housekeeper

Excellent housekeeper/cook – available 2-3 days a week beginning July 2017

Rose Bassene 77-656-6740

Rose has worked for me (first employer in the Embassy) for four years.  She started off full time, then as my kids left post, now 3 days a week.

She is amazing.  Jola, Christian, fantastic cook, extremely hard working, pleasant, honest  truly extraordinary – with children, pets, Embassy maintenance issues  in every aspect really. She is able to do all our ironing, clean our huge house, cook every day, do sewing, shoe polishing, etc..  Current salary: 90,000 per month, which includes all the mandatory allowances, employer and employee portion of social security and unemployment insurance.  Call Sharon Carter (USAID) or Nick Zeigler (POL) for a reference or further info.

Yénou Katou Kheudène Daniouy yeugo!