Domestic Help: Gardener

Gardener:  Mr. Francois Diedhioi

Francois has been employed on a part-time basis at this house for just under two years.  We shared his labor with another embassy family which left Dakar last year. He without fail arrives before sun-up and stays until tea-time; trustworthy to a “T”.  He watered, swept, washed, cut the grass and trimmed the trees.  A clever fashioner of things like sturdy little fences and a determined conserver of our tattered hose.  Valiant in trying to make things grow in sandy soil.  A good man looking to land well as our household undergoes whirlwind transformation. He seeks part-time or full-time work. You may contact him directly (French/Wolof only) at Francois Diedhioi, 77 556 4492.  I am Barbara Syrrakos (; 77 146 5603). Thank you.