Domestic help: Abdoulaye Ndiaye

Ndiaye has been our driver for the past year, and has been working for Embassy families for over 10 years. Ndiaye has been extremely flexible this year in terms of scheduling, always available for whatever last minute thing our busy family of four needed to get through the day. My children both took to Ndiaye easily, and enjoyed spending time with him at the school as they waited for mom to finish working. Ndiaye is comfortable with the ISD campus and staff members, and carries a badge. Ndiaye always arrives to work well in advance, and is super courteous and helpful to everyone he encounters. I have often had colleagues comment on how polite and professional he is. Ndiaye is a French speaker. I recommend Ndiaye as a driver, please email or phone me with any questions you might have: He can be contacted at 708548662.