Things to do: Tutor Available (Ms. Sedi Mupeso)


Look no further for an amazing tutor for your child. Ms. Sedi Mupeso has tutored our 1st grader

for all of the 2016-17 school year and the progress that our daughter has made has been simply

amazing. Ms. Sedi worked with our daughter for 2 hours a week and focused on improving her

reading skills, which had been significantly behind her grade level. Ms. Sedi developed a

tutoring plan that targeted this deficiency and, most importantly to my daughter, was extremely

fun. Each week we saw improvements in reading and her confidence, thanks to Ms. Sedi. Our

daughter even won an end of school year award for being the most improved student. We

attribute most of that to Ms. Sedi. Ms. Sedi is also a teaching assistant and learning support

specialist at ISD, so she knows all the teachers and methods, giving her great insights into our

child’s needs and how to address them. She is also working on an advanced degree in

education. Ms. Sedi is extremely flexible, patient, and caring. Our daughter absolutely loved

spending time with her and looked forward to tutoring session. Please contact Ms. Sedi directly

at or 781537379. If you have questions about our review, please

contact me at