Housekeeper/Nanny: Viviane Nges

Ms. Viviane Nges has worked for our family from 2013 to 2017 as a nanny and housekeeper. Her responsibilities have included child care, cooking, errands, shopping and cleaning.  She has proven to be punctual, reliable and versatile in terms of doing a variety of tasks. She has been willing to accommodate our schedules and has been quite flexible as needed.  Viviane has been pleasant and can be counted on to complete her work thoroughly and quickly. She enjoys cooking and is eager to learn and try new recipes. She is a quick learner and takes pride in her achievements when she tries a new recipe.

Some of the dishes she prepares includes  quiches, lasagna, salads, roasts, as well as selected American, African, and European foods. She can speak and read English and she can manage speaking basic French.

Viviane will be available for full or part-time work as early as July 2017 (or August 2017).

She can be reached

directly at (221) 77 37 33 466 while in


Senegal or via email at: