Car for Sale: 2007 Nissan Xterra

2007 grey Nissan Xterra S, V-6 engine, automatic drive, CD player, air conditioning, a roof rack, 4-wheel drive, power windows and locks, child locks, and sideboards.  The mileage is 92,000 miles.  We’ve recently replaced all the tires, put in a new radiator, new battery, new brake pads, new oil filter, new air filters, new spare plugs, etc.  Everything but the tires we purchased from the Nissan dealership in the United States.  The tires were purchased locally but were originals and cost $800.  We will provide paperwork from the German mechanic here of all the work we’ve had done to maintain it in excellent condition.  We are asking $10,000 US or equivalent. Available the third week in June. We are asking $10,000 US or dalasi equivalent. Available the third week in June.  Please write Maureen (diplomat in Banjul) at